The first two weeks are still a blur.  I remember having to repeat and learn all of these new terms being thrown my way.  What is the difference between a yearling and a weanling?  How in the world do you have the same dad and not be related?  Why do people name horses after panties?  I don't know, but hey, I have the hang of it now and that is what matters.

See, when I received this job, I already had a great appreciation for farm life.  My father grew up on a farm in Menifee county, so yes I am fond of that lovely horse Menifee because of that, even though he is not state side currently.  I learned to drive a tractor when I was 3 years old, I hiked the edges of the hollars and the cliffs around the area,  and learned how a sawmill operates.  My dad had good stories from raising livestock.

On top of the farm life, I always enjoy new adventures and learning new things in life.  The Blood-Horse was a great opportunity to not just work for an amazing company and with amazing people, but to really grow and understand what helps make Kentucky and the rest of the equine world tick.  It has been quite an amazing journey actually.

That is what I want to share with you all.  This journey I have been on and where it leads me.  Of course my observations and reflections have my own bias, which hopefully won't offend too many people =)  It definitely should not be too dull, because I tend to discover odd things.

Join me and lets communicate back and forth, share what we each have discovered about Thoroughbreds, because there is sooo much here, I had no idea.

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