Jedi Powers

Jedi Code entered the victory circle on Oct. 31st, 2007.  Churchill Downs felt good under his hoofs that day and race 7 was as sweet as can be.  He stalked the pack and won with a 3 1/2 widening lengths. Now the Churchill result does mention that he Stumbled at the start, but he is always slow at the start.  I didn't bet this race though, which may be the superstitious part of racing I have picked up on.

Juddmonte was proud of Jedi Code's efforts, they posted the event on their site the next day.  I have a printout of it.  It exclaimed "Another Impressive First Crop Winner for Empire Maker."

Breaking his maiden was such a lift.  Not that morale was down, but lifted further up so to say.  When entered in the right race, Jedi Code can perform and close a race.  I say that, because he needs some speed in the front and a distance to close with.  As he is on the road to the Kentucky Derby, it is nice to see he won at Churchill Downs, because that means he can be competitive on their track.

This win also led to Jedi Code being mentioned in his first auction listing in the Keeneland January Winter Mixed Sale.  Hip 483 Bay Filly (Empire Maker-Versailles Treaty) has him listed as a money earner for Empire Maker. 

Jedi Code's third race on November 24, 2007 held a 5th place finish for Jedi Code.

A fourth start awaited Jedi Code on a bleak day in Gulfstream.  I had been anticipating this race, while following his workouts for some time.  He did receive a bulleted workout previous to this race.  The hype had grown around the company also, there was a large plan to gather and watch this wonderful horse.  Even Seth Merrow, from Equidaily on the Capital OTB Network, mentioned he liked Jedi Code "as recommended by staff at the Blood-Horse."  So I have grown a lot of respect for Mr. Merrow through this public advertisement of Jedi Code.  Anyway,  the hype was growing.

Side note:

Can you name the most famous hype man of all time, arguably?  Hint, he has been on his own tv show for a while now.  Give Up?  Flava Flav, from Public Enemy was the correct answer for the hype man.

Hype is so exciting, I could not believe Jedi Code was being supported so well.   This is the first race where I was really taught how to read the PP's aka Past Performances and really see who had speed up front, if there was enough speed to set up Jedi Code, being a Stalker, or if the speed up front was too much for him to catch up to.  None the less, with Ling Ling Qi and a few other good horses, including Jerkins "the giant killer"'s entry, I felt comfortable Jedi Code had a chance.  So I placed a bet.  I couldn't help but think the last time I bet, he had lost, but that was his first start and I could not let that rattle me.  I believe in my boy!

Alas, it was time for the race and what happens?  There is a delay.  Why?  We did not know, for a full half hour there was a delay and his race was pushed back minute by minute. The cameras were not working and mass panic was amuck in the office and Mr. Merrow was exclaiming, "We have to see Jedi Code race."  Okay,  maybe not mass panic.  Finally a video feed came through the the TV had to move on.  Yet the horses were still marching around in the paddock, what a bummer.  The time continued to be pushed back with the horses and jockeys not anywhere near a post parade.  Next the cameras revealed Jockeys and trainers hopping off and unstrapping horses.  The news came, power outages hit Gulfstream.  The last two races are cancelled for the day.  My heart sank, but Jedi's name is out there now, so not all is lost.  Alas, my betting must be cursed.

The following week Jedi Code and most of the original field raced.  I definitely did not want to bet this race though.  I completely shut down Gulfstream with my last bet and two bets in a row on Jedi proved him to fail and then not permit him to even race.  So for a change in luck, I let other handicappers bet this race.  Maybe he would hit the board this time. He failed to hit the board finishing fifth again, but at least I am not afraid of my betting curse now.  This fifth place finish was close though, a neck off from nabbing fourth.  I struggle though, because Jedi's typical jockey, Calvin Borel, has switched tracks and a different jockey, who handled Jedi a little different, rode him.


Jedi Code was nominated for the Derby (Feb 4, 2008).

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