Did you just see that ?

Big Brown just blew away the competition once again and it was amazing to watch. Viewing Big Brown's race at the 134 Kentucky Derby was just as impressive as this win, when he pulled away in the 133 Preakness. With two wins, I have to root him on for a triple crown win, though there are several horses racing in the third race of the crown that I really like.

What are your thoughts one this second racing performance?

Turn of foot:

Turn-of-foot, if you never quite understood what that term meant, you have several races to reflect upon. Today is the second statement on how horses can be explosive, impressive and create chills even, due to other gears in a turn-of-foot. Thank you for that experience Big Brown. To learn more on terms used in the horse racing world, I found this article and it states several frequently used key terms.

Side Note:

 I also wanted to thank NBC for the constructive conversation and effort in educating the common race fan on the horse racing industry as a whole. They aired a great piece with Larry Jones (Eight Belles), Alex Waldrop (NTRA),  Randy Moss (ESPN/ABC) and a leading AAEP authority this afternoon. They spoke of what the horse industry is doing to take action and show everyone we care and mean business. More to come later.


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He went just like I expected him to. What a beautiful horse. I'm not going to bother to try and wax lyrical -- my brain is still processing it. I look forward to the race in three weeks, and seeing how both he and Casino Drive do between now and then.

17 May 2008 6:45 PM
big brownn

big brown will be the next triple crown winnerrr!!!

he will beat casino drive

hes just aexcellent

17 May 2008 6:48 PM


17 May 2008 7:00 PM

Enough with the naysayers- he's the real deal, folks.    

17 May 2008 7:03 PM
CArrol Wood

Please, if you owe anything to your sport let himrace on. I know you are investment people and you need to show a return on your money, but you also owe a debt to the racing industry to bring back disalusioned fans at this time. The death of the filly has severely hurt racing. You have a champion that could erase allthe negatives in the industry. Please do not retire him just for money.

What would a race between Curlin and the industry be mean to the industry. Plese return the fans. Shoe some class over profit.

17 May 2008 7:07 PM

NBC did a Great Job! Loved the Round Table discussion. These are things that need to change.


17 May 2008 7:27 PM
double dip dave

Big Brown is the very real deal..

The 'big heart gene' I guess so !!

17 May 2008 7:46 PM

Great horse but this is one time I will not argue about retiring him  at the end of his 3yr old season given the foot issues. This is more than just the money

17 May 2008 7:50 PM

To all those that keep saying he has to beat War Pass for his season to mean anything.....I think someone needs to find a horse to TRY to beat Big Brown--so far no one has come close--he was goofing off at the wire in the Preakness--just out for a Saturday gallop!  Go for the Crown, Brownie!

17 May 2008 8:00 PM
Belle Book

There's not much to say about Big Brown -- other than he's *spectacular*, of course!  Bring on the Belmont and the Triple Crown!

Belle Book

17 May 2008 8:03 PM
Loretta T.

Did you get goosebumps? We certainly did! What an exceptional horse Big Brown is. I am hoping for a Triple Crown Winner!! What can Brown do for you? Ignite the sport of horse racing with a grand Delivery!

17 May 2008 8:05 PM

Congrats to BB for the win....very nice. Pulling for him in the Belmont. Its a shame though his ownership have said he's being sent to stud after his three year old season. It would suck for the sport to have a TC winner just up and quit ( should he take the crown ). On a different note, I would really like for BB to take on the best horse in the world on dirt right now....Curlin

17 May 2008 8:10 PM

Big Brown is like a big, athletic, puppydog!  I mean this in a good way.  If you watch his body language and his eyes, he is really just happy the time of his life...kind of a "I told ya so" attitude.  Is it a real turn on to watch an equine athlete really have fun????  I think he is going to do more for our sport than we ever dreamed of...WHEN OUR SPORT needed a emotional and PR pick me up!  I bet one thing now...UPS will mount a 3 week media circus touting their company and their new best friend.  Well done and every one of us fans and horse owners know how big this is!

17 May 2008 8:17 PM

Off this subject, but thought it worthy to mention.  Look for Curlin to "stretch his legs" in Texas on Memorial Day.  Overheard a discussion yesterday in the racing office at Lone Star AND Curlin is nominated to the Lone Star Handicap (graded race worth $400K).  What a nice place and time to wake the champ up for his run to immortality!!!

17 May 2008 8:21 PM

An absolute brilliant performance.  Chills all the way how he exploded down the stretch. Love how he "poses" for the cameras to have his pic taken.  A Class horse all the way.

GO BB on June 7th!!!  ALL THE WAY!!!

17 May 2008 9:17 PM
Robert Lane

Most of the people that are getting caught up in the Big Brown apparently have no sense of history Big Brown has raced against one of the poorest crop of three year olds in years He has very little experience Yes he is a winner But not yet a great horse I am also sick and tired of all these panels dicussing horse safety What a joke Breakdowns and injuries happen very day I don't like that but that is horse racing

17 May 2008 9:20 PM
J. Carson Black

It was a brilliant race, by a horse I love more every time I see him.  A kind, interested, lively, intelligent horse who just happens to be a freak of nature. A horse with a wonderful mind who can rate and is truly push-button.

I read somewhere that he may have a larger heart.  Her certainly has a good one.

I know Rick Dutrow's had his problems, but it's clear he loves this horse. Bottom line: he's a horseman. He has done a beautiful job with this horse.  My only wish, and it's a selfish one:  I wish he were owned by someone like Jess Jackson, or one of the old-time families who were stewards of racing, not breeding.  If this horse becomes a Triple Crown champion, I would wish he'd race on and embellish on that, and write his name in the history books in a big way.  

I believe, barring anything unforeseen, he will be a deserving Triple Crown winner.

17 May 2008 9:29 PM

I'm afraid the party is over for Big Brown.  Casino Drive was born to win the Belmont and after watching him destroy the field in the Peter Pan I have no doubt he will wear the carnations after the Belmont.  I'm not taking anything away from Big Brown, but he will truly have to be Secretariat reincarnated to beat this horse.  Good luck, Brownie.

17 May 2008 9:32 PM

you know i didn't start out being a big brown fan i've loved pyro, but i have to admit we've got a true great horse but i disagree about not retiring him in light of all the breakdowns i think most of us would rather see him in the breeding shed instead of in a grave, did anyone see the roundtable today we have got to change our attitudes about horse racing if it's going to survive.

17 May 2008 9:35 PM

Can understand concerns about BB's feet and all that but if he is retired at three the world will never see the best of him

17 May 2008 9:57 PM
Mike from Ossineke, MI

Nice race by Brownie.  Too bad he won't win the Triple Crown, because Denis of Cork gonna' beat him down!  DATELINE: JUNE 7, 2008-DENIS OF CORK DENIES BIG BROWN THE TRIPLE CROWN.  Sorry folks, but thats the way it's going to be.

17 May 2008 9:58 PM
Leah P.

I Like Big Brown But Casion Drive

Is The Real Deal And He Just as Fast They Think Big Brown Is The Only one That Can WIN But I Think Casion Drive Can Beat Big Brown

17 May 2008 10:09 PM

the breeders cup clasic?Curlin,Big Brown??????

17 May 2008 10:20 PM

I think if he wins the Triple Crown, he needs to be retired.  He can go and create the future of this incredible sport.  To continue to race him just because people want to see him run, that would be selfish. If he is injured, then the future of racing and the possibilities that his offspring may provide, will be lost.  

17 May 2008 10:42 PM

Hats off to Big Brown!!!! Should be a fun Belmont between Casino Drive and Big Brown. Its a shame we won't get to enjoy him past this year I would love to see he and Curlin hook up. Alas I don't think it will ever happen. I commend all the people behind Curlin to bring him back as a four year old I wish more owners would think this way. I say not so fast to crown him as #1, Big Brown is a good horse but he still has to show up and run. Curlin still holds the #1 spot for me.

17 May 2008 10:42 PM

I was skeptical at first, even when he won the Derby. But now, watching him win the Preakness (on HD no less, it felt like I was right there!) I think I've jumped on the BIG BROWN bandwagon. I dont believe I've seen a horse pull away the way he did around the far turn, except for replays of champions like Secretariat. So here's a strong prayer that he stays safe and sound for the next 3 weeks!

17 May 2008 10:53 PM
GallantChief (for hk-racing.com)

In any case, it will be BIG BROWN back at BIG SANDY for a BIG DATE with the "BIG CASINO" - sit tight folks, June 7th will be a BIG SHOWDOWN.

(And a long day as well - with the Epsom Derby that same morning...)

17 May 2008 11:21 PM

he's good and yeah, he's beat everyone he's faced... let's face it....this years 3 yo's are weak...the only horse today who recored a beyer over 100 was gayego...bb's  beyers are comparable to previous derby winners....there's no good competition out there for him

17 May 2008 11:27 PM

I was most impressed by his performance, though I have to say hearing of the stallion deal this morning took a lot of luster off this race for me.  First time in years I've watched the race and not been too excited (although I think Barbaro took a lot of that energy out of me).  That deal virtually guarantees he won't race again after the Belmont, and that means a sweet-and-sour payoff should he win the Crown.  I've been waiting my entire life to watch a horse sweep the Crown, but for their career to end the second it happens (and not due to injury, like with Count Fleet)...well, that gives me a little less to cheer about.

Just goes to show what incredible people the Taylors were to race Slew on through his 4yro year--and good for them, and him!  He *proved* himself the monster he was, proved his soundness, proved his longevity, proved his talent, and earned the stud fees that followed...and what a sire he was!

I don't mean to be knocking BB; he's a gorgeous horse with fluid action and is obviously leaps and bounds ahead of his classmates. I'm just sick of every fertile Derby winner immediately being too valuable to race after age three, if not after the Crown.  (Although I don't suppose anyone's busting down Giacomo's door...)

Here's hoping we have a Triple Crown.  Here's hoping we have a Triple Crown winner that proves himself the best horse in the land, and not just the best American 3yro.

18 May 2008 12:16 AM
Elena W.

the image of Mr. Desormeaux looking back to the right, back to the left, back under his seat, for anyone, was really fun to watch. He had so much horse and had the sense to know that he could save that for another day. Brilliant!

18 May 2008 1:31 AM

The only thing I can say is, Spectacular Bid.  NO one ever thought he could have gotten beat. We need a triple crown winner, but I am going to be cautious.  He is out of Boundary, that would be my reservation.

18 May 2008 8:32 AM

With the exception of Big Brown the horses in the Preakness were a pitiful bunch.  Could a weaker field have been assembled?  Only two of the other horses had won a graded stakes race.  Who's to know how good Big Brown is.  He has not beaten much yet.  None of this is his fault, but it's a bit premature to compare him to any of the other Triple Crown winners.

18 May 2008 9:03 AM
racing fan

Other than Curlin's win in the world cup I've never seen a horse win so easily.  It was awesome! I would love to seen those two race later in the year. On a different note though I would like to know how others feel about the beginning of NBC's broadcast when not 5 minutes in they actually showed part of Eight Belles breakdown.  I thought it was in terribly bad taste and I wrote them to say so! I had not seen that and I wish I they had not showed it.  I once again got very upset and it really impacted my excitement about the upcoming race.  Seems to me like they didn't do racing any favors with that scene!  Maybe if others feel this way we should all let them know...?

18 May 2008 9:04 AM

War Emblem looked just as good winning the 1st 2 legs of Triple Crown before getting a horrible break in the Belmont. His speed figs kept getting better and better just like Big Brown. Smarty Jones had it all wrapped up with 1/8 mile left at Big Sandy. With a good trip, Big Brown is best, but stuff happens.

18 May 2008 9:46 AM

Big Brown quite a horse, hope he wins triple crown, racing needs it badly. now to Belmont, question is who shows up. I hope none of preakness bunch, that was a group of allowance runners.Mott,Zito,Pletcher got there bridles ripped off in derby, whta do they do in preakness run their 5th string, must have money to burnguys , or love to see their name in print.Pletchers horse came uplame before so we can't count him.It would be really nice to Colonel John, Pyro,Dennis of Cork. Casino Gambler,maybe a few more, about 8 horses. Big Brown will whip them all, but at least a quality field.

18 May 2008 10:39 AM

okay have you seen his maternal pedigree. its a wonderful thing, some of the best american bred horses , roberto, damascus,princequillo, rough shod  some of  the best  horses are on his bottom line.

only 2  crosses  to the great northern dancer.. breeders study  this ,  and not the old  breeders  but  the newbes!!!

this is a living lesson in the evelution  of  the breed, breed  the best  to  the best  and you  will be  blessed!!!

tesio  knew  this , keep  the breed  strong, stop  the overall in breeding, he is the new super star,  when he won  the fla  derby , I knew he  was  the real deal, go BB GO

18 May 2008 11:42 AM


18 May 2008 12:05 PM

Winning a Triple Crown against a horrible crop is nothing to be excited about.

18 May 2008 12:24 PM

Casino Drive has the pedigree to give Big Brown tough competition so I'm looking forward to the Belmont.  As for the safety discussions, guess what?  Not a "joke", but a necessary effort to educate the public and maybe even save the sport.  What's so sacred about racing that it can't change like other sports?  Especially when it's for the health of the horses and long term success of the sport.  Breakdowns may be a daily part of racing but it's not something to shrug off like a bad bet.      

18 May 2008 12:43 PM

considering that in todays racing world, most horses are given steroids and other drugs to control bleeding and other conditions it is no longer amazing when one wins the triple crown, it is if the horse comes up clean of any steroids or drugs. BB's trainer admits to giving him steroids...How much does that affect his runnung ability?

18 May 2008 2:28 PM

to watch him through the race...wow!  so much to see and learn from this horse,he came through this important test for all of us-and gave us more!!!  i was so glad to see it live from newmarket,england!  we so sadly lost barbaro and eight belles,but we still got the big one!

18 May 2008 3:37 PM

I remember when I was a kid and saw Secretariat run for the first time--it was amazing--what I call the "awe factor."  I've never had that same feeling again--not even with Seattle Slew or Affirmed--until I watched the Flordia Derby and Big Brown.  In fact, I told all my friends he looks like a bay version of Big Red.

It will be a Belmont to remember with Casino Drive--perhaps as good as the Affirmed/Alydar match.

18 May 2008 10:53 PM

Is BB better than any other horse?  I say yes because he ACCELERATES to the finish after Desormeaux has been holding him back for the majority of the race.  No other horse is doing this.  

If his connections would really let him run, I think we'd see off the chart Beyer speeds.  The Triple Crown is his.  

I too would like to see him race Curlin, but I don't like seeing Curlin get beat and BB would do it too.

18 May 2008 11:53 PM

Not taking anything away from this horse..but I have to see him race against some better horses before I put him in the same company as Seattle Slew, Affirmed, Secretariat...I would love to see him against INVASOR, CURLIN, etc...the horses thus far he has beat are 2nd rate horses..

19 May 2008 7:26 AM

Big Brown is a handsome guy who has had a great year so far. Kudos for his success. I just love his enormous, kind eye.

The downside to this is that he's going to become a breeding stallion very quickly because of the wish for him to retire on his laurels without further risk of injury. It's difficult to measure his true talent with so few starts. Additionally, passing along genetic traits for unsoundness doesn't seem like a fix for what is ailing the industry.

19 May 2008 9:01 AM
Julie L.

Everyone is talking about how easily Big Brown ran off in the Preakness, it was breathtaking to watch but just a few years back I watched another move just like that in the Belmont Stakes, the overhead shot was amazing as I watched Afleet Alex draw away from the rest of the field like it was a walk in the park. The way he shot away from them was awesome, that is why I love Thoroughbreds, their speed and endurance awes me along with their beauty.

19 May 2008 4:42 PM

GO BB !!

You got the whole world hoping for you to win the Triple Crown and I think you will. OH MY GOD is what I heard people say when he crossed the finish line...these were 'racehorse peeps' too.

I agree...come on downtown Mr. Brown...see you in the Big Apple.

19 May 2008 5:45 PM

If the public puts pressure on the Curlin camp, we can get a match race.  A track will put up a million and host it.  Dutrow would do it in a minute due to ego.  

19 May 2008 10:58 PM
J. Carson Black

Not thrilled about match racing.

But maybe Big Brown could meet up with Curlin on the real national stage---American Idol.

Randy: Dude, check it out. That was just all right, OK? It was like… your heart wasn’t in it, you know? You hit all the right notes, but I wanted to see you go head to head with Gayego, man.

Paula: You’re just so special, Big Brown, I think you are just getting started. But I liked your first race this afternoon better than this one.

Simon: Paula. That was a filly race. Big Brown, I have to say, that was a stunning performance. I have to wonder, though, how interested you really are in racing. I understand you will be a stud every day of your life upon your retirement. Do you actually think you can give your best effort in the Belmont, now that the ink’s already dry on your contract?

Ryan Seacrist: Simon, do I detect some jealousy here? Just because youre not a stud

Simon: It’s just that I don’t have studliness, Ryan.

Paula: (giggles)

Randy: Big Brown, dawg. Is that true? Every day? I wish I was you, man

21 May 2008 3:17 PM
Marc W

Love one or the other to go to the ARC test their mettle on foreign turf. Yes, I known Curlin went to the desert but many American horses have won there. None has ever won the ARC after racing here exclusively. That would cement his standing in the world and make a case for "GREAT"-not going to happen. The Poly-Cup, please let it be the Woodford, Clark, Jockey Club ,anything but magic surface at SA.

Of course it is Pre-Belmont and although I don't think BB with lose, it isn't done yet. Casino Drive is something special and if he wins it will be a record that NEVER will be beaten. Hard as Woody Stevens record is to break in the Belmont three from the same mare-including a filly-WOW! Of course if that happens it will only be amazing to those in the game.

PS-Like the take above on Idol

23 May 2008 5:28 PM

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