Did you just see that ?

Big Brown just blew away the competition once again and it was amazing to watch. Viewing Big Brown's race at the 134 Kentucky Derby was just as impressive as this win, when he pulled away in the 133 Preakness. With two wins, I have to root him on for a triple crown win, though there are several horses racing in the third race of the crown that I really like.

What are your thoughts one this second racing performance?

Turn of foot:

Turn-of-foot, if you never quite understood what that term meant, you have several races to reflect upon. Today is the second statement on how horses can be explosive, impressive and create chills even, due to other gears in a turn-of-foot. Thank you for that experience Big Brown. To learn more on terms used in the horse racing world, I found this article and it states several frequently used key terms.

Side Note:

 I also wanted to thank NBC for the constructive conversation and effort in educating the common race fan on the horse racing industry as a whole. They aired a great piece with Larry Jones (Eight Belles), Alex Waldrop (NTRA),  Randy Moss (ESPN/ABC) and a leading AAEP authority this afternoon. They spoke of what the horse industry is doing to take action and show everyone we care and mean business. More to come later.

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