Battling for Breeders' Cup Bragging Rights

Like that alliteration?

 Anyway, you need to go participate in our Bracket Battles. Why? Because I said so, just kidding, but Bracket Battles has some really interesting match ups and challenges that make you think about the performances of the top of the top, the cream of the crop in racing. It was nice to be forced to review history and brush up on the accomplishments of these amazing athletes.

If you have already voted, go boast on your choices and bring some bragging rights in the match up blogs.

Classic Blog

Turf Blog

Juvenile Blog

Distaff Blog (now Ladies Classic)

So if you don't think the Bracket Battles game was crazy, wait until you see this! Another way to yet get addicted to the internet and more horse racing.

We have launched a new 3D racing game.

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