2008...or maybe 1999 ?

 There has been some negative discussion about the 2008 Eclipse Award for photography. Most, if not all, the gripes about the photo come from people that are disappointed with the winning selection.

I have met Matt Goins and his associates, and they are great. They are fun to be around and cut up with. Matt is incredibly talented and so let's make it known that my issue has nothing to do with him, his associates, or the talent they posses. I think most people have been clear on that point as well.

However, the photo that won was not inspiring. My reaction upon first view was, well there really wasn't one. I said "Really?". Of all the photos from 365 days of racing, that is what wins? I need something that gives me a reaction, indeed this photo captured a moment...1999.

Photo: Matt Goins

Many may remember a similar photo winning a few years ago, and in this weeks edition of The Blood-Horse, Mark Belling in Milwaukee, Wis. wrote a letter expressing his thoughts on how disappointed he was with this year's winner.

So I thought we should discuss this photo faux-pas.

I picked out one of my favorite Out of The Gate photos from our BH weekly magazine from last year. I think it would have been more fitting, with horses actually racing in it. Then again, we all have our opinions. I mean even the photo of Big Brown's shoe coming off during the Belmont is a more interesting moment.

Photo: Adam Coglianese

Do you think the photo that won should have? If not, what photo would you want to see win?


 Handride pointed out that our friends in the TBA have created a photo contest for a new Eclipse Award winner in photography. You should go check out their results and the fun posts with their blogs. Here are some other blogs in the TBA that have also discussed this topic.


Curb My Enthusiasm


Thanks to Marshall for sending me this photo!

Photo: Marshall Blevins/JJ

Caption: A picture of a rainbow over Saratoga race course. The watermark is just to deter people from stealing the photo without asking him first.

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