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The following video is a piece about LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement in Ontario, Canada at WindReach Farm. Thank you to Jordan Lay for providing this video via our Facebook page. It demonstrates retired and rescued horses taking on new roles in therapeutic riding. Therapeutic riding is a great experience for all involved and needs to be promoted more.

Watch the video to learn about how and why therapeutic riding works. It also touches on how accommodating and intelligent horses are when dealing with people who have special needs.

Horses also know when their rider is inexperienced. I know this first hand because of a lovely gelding named Rich Al. He knew I was an absolute novice when I was riding him, but he was a well trained eventer who was very good to me and another friend who never had been on a horse before...ever. Rich Al even let me take him over some jumps, but honestly we just walked up to them, and then he walked over them, because he knew I would probably die if he really jumped. So no real jumps.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video.

Do you have any stories about Thoroughbreds going onto new careers?


UPDATE  Second-Chance Horses

Our very own Eclipse Press is actually mentioning these horses in an upcoming book. Read more below:

"Always a hotly debated issue in the racing industry is the uncertain fate that awaits many racehorses when their careers are over and they are no longer useful to their owners and trainers.

Many find themselves in sale lots awaiting transport to a slaughter house. However, more and more horses, through the work of numerous rescue organizations and caring individuals, are finding safe homes where they are retrained for various careers.

Second-Chance Horses is a collection of true stories about the amazing things ex-racehorses can accomplish once they are re-trained for new careers. From serving as mounted police horses to working in human therapy programs to competing at the Olympic level, ex-racehorses are proving there is plenty of life after the track.

This is the only book of its kind that chronicles nearly twenty horses in their journeys from the racetrack to new careers and the obstacles they overcame. Portion of proceeds will be donated to Thoroughbred Charities of America. Also includes a resource guide to various Thoroughbred rescue groups around the country."

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