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The other day, I was channel surfing and came across an interesting title on KET - the Kentucky Public Broadcasting Television Network. The show was Powder and Glory about Elizabeth Arden. I then asked myself Is that the make-up chick or fashion lady? And of course it was, but it was about to talk on one of her non business interests...and that is Thoroughbred Racing.

Not only did she grow up on a farm in Canada for a bit, she was an avid horse lover. She owned a small stable and raced horses.

Since this is Derby season, I thought it was fitting to mention Ms. Arden, because she achieved a Derby win. Jet Pilot was her horse and he won the Derby in 1947. The win was a year between Triple Crown winners Assault of 1946 and Citation of 1948. The honor of a Derby win at this time in history was so prestigious, the nation went wild.

In her beloved hobby of horse racing, Arden was also known as a hands-on manager and a successful one, too. Not only did her horse Jet Pilot win the Kentucky Derby in 1947, her stables often made impressive winnings, such as the $589,000 they earned in 1945. -

Jet Pilot was owned by Maine Chance Farm. Coincidentally, or maybe not, Elizabeth Arden's first salon was named Main Chance Farm.

Her first health and beauty spa, Main Chance Farm, located in Mount Vernon, Maine, was the first of its kind in the United States. Later, she opened a second spa in Phoenix, Arizona.  -

Trainer was Tom Smith, Jockey was Eric Guerin, win margin was 3 1/2 in 2:05 2/5. Tom Smith might best be known as being the trainer for Sea Biscuit.

I ran across a TIME magazine article from Monday May 12, 1947 that tells some fun insight, I suggest you give it a minute to read. It is a brief article depicting how Jet Pilot's debut was at Churchill Downs and a year later, returned to win the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. A fun quote from the entertaining story states, Jet Pilot topped off his big day by doing what humans sometimes dream of but rarely try: he kicked an unwary policeman in the seat of the pants.

KET Description of Powder and the Glory -

Episode description: A story of women's entrepreneurship through the lens of the creation and development of the rival business empires of Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein. When they first opened their shops 100 years ago, cosmetics were worn primarily by prostitutes and performers, and businesses were run mostly by men. These two indomitable immigrants changed all that and transformed the way we look at ourselves. [cc]

Upcoming Airdates on KET

    * KETHD: Saturday, March 28 at 8:00 pm EST
    * KET1: Sunday, March 29 at 2:00 pm EST


More Research: Arden, Elizabeth - Overview, Personal life, Career details, Social and economic impact, Chronology: elizabeth arden


Jet Pilot's Stakes Wins/Places:

1  Tremont S.  USA  Unknown  D  $0  1946
1  Pimlico Futurity  USA  Unknown  D  $0  1946
1  Pimlico Nursery S.  USA  Unknown  D  $0  1946  
2  Commonwealth S.  USA  Unknown  D  $0  1946
2  Arlington Futurity  USA  Unknown  D  $0  1946
3  Futurity S.  USA  Unknown  D  $0  1946
1  National Stallion S.  USA  BELMONT PARK  D  $15,690  1946
3  Champagne S.  USA  BELMONT PARK  D  $2,000  1946
1  Jamaica H.  USA  Unknown  D  $0  1947
1  Kentucky Derby  USA  CHURCHILL DOWNS  D  $92,160  1947


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