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There is A LOT of good conversation and movie reviewing going on about the summer task. The Blood-Horse community has been watching videos, discussing, suggesting and it has been great. I have already discovered a few AMAZING movies I had not seen or heard of before. Here are the two reviews I have done (below) in case you missed the first blog post. Here is the link to on going conversations and original blog post. Feel free to comment there instead of here if you want.

 This post is more of a bump, so others that missed this the first time around can read.


On The Muscle:

Not just the best horse documentary I have ever seen, but one of the best documentaries I have ever seen...period. This statement coming from an avid war history buff who finds himself habitually watching military documentaries.


On The Muscle is a video that is over two hours long and divided into three parts. You follow Richard Mandella, his trainers, exercise riders and barn around the US in 2003.

If you are a fan of The Tin Man, Pleasantly Perfect, Reddatore, Alex Solis and many other horses, then you need to watch this movie.

On The Muscle covers predominantly the West Coast racing, with Mandella's barn based in California. You will visit Santa Anita, Del Mar, and many other tracks while  witnessing the Kentucky Derby, Breeders' Cup and several other stakes races.

The video follows the progression of horses already in training and watches the careers grow for Mandella's stars. Witness the arrival of 2YOs from Kentucky and witness their introduction to training. Learn how the horses train and see the skill required to understand a horse's personality, running style, health and limitations.

This movie taught me so much more about the ins and outs of a barn. Respect and admiration for the dedication of true horsemen has grown immensely. It was great to see how Mandella won four Breeders' Cup races in a single day, setting a record.

If you have ever wondered what the daily routines are or what it takes to be in this industry, see this movie. It is entertaining, highly educational, and family friendly.

I give this six out of five stars.


Kentucky Derby Greatest Moments:

Filled to the brim with history, statistics and lots of footage I have never seen before, and I have seen a lot of Derby footage.

The film was not just about the races, but the people, the farms, and the culture at the tracks. One of the largest stand outs for me to see was how the in-field use to be PACKED with people running from side to side, just to see the horses.

Watching various celebrities and stars that visited through the years was fun. Seeing how much international attention was given to various horses along the way, especially Secretariat of course.

I learned so much about various farms, especially Calumet. I knew how much Calumet meant to racing, but now I understand truly why. I learned about the golden age of racing and so much about the horses from WW2 and before.

I was lacking in history here and there from the early days of the Derby. I was super excited to meet Lord Darby and listen to his statements on the differences between Europe's Darby and the Kentucky Derby.

I give this four out of five stars, and highly recommend this movie to anyone wanting to learn about the Kentucky Derby. I never found myself bored.


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