Video games are a pretty big part of our culture these days. Many video gamers converse on the web, and recently a trend has arisen through these discussions to type certain phrases and actions as a "command code." Command codes are typically entered into the developers console while playing a video game. The command code in the developer's console typically to begin with a backslash "/" and then followed with the command, or a word to start a command, is typed. If you ever have used DOS or a programming language of any kind, you can probably relate.

Most of you are probably just thinking I am a big geek, and in many ways you are correct. =)  

So what is my point?

I have been going out to video shoots for the last month for a conformation DVD that Eclipse Press is going to release in the fall. Stableboy and I run around with great conformation and equine composition experts such as Buzz Chase.

Most recently we went out to the second day of the Fasig-Tipton Select Sale. So by my saying /Select in geek terms, essentially I am encompassing several ideas into one geeky term. Ideas like it is in fact, the Select sale, the horses were beautiful and you can see why they were select. I would definitely select a few of them, most likely one of the grays. The sale atmosphere was still good, inspite of the economic climate. The day was warm with a cool breeze, mostly sunny and pure blue skies, dabbles of clouds. If I had to select a sale day to shoot video, this would be a perfect day to select.

With the morning being pristine and sunny, the grey coats of horses Buzz Chase examined, glistened. I was excited to see my buddy Aragorn had some representation present at the sale. Anyway, through these videos, I have grown even more knowledge in what horsemen/women, pinhookers, owners, et al, are looking for in horses and conformation. My co-workers Leigha Organa and Marta had taught me quite a bit in the previous few years, but now I have an even more indepth understanding.

The sale seems to be what people expected and if you have followed our video interviews, it is a testament that those involved in this part of the industry know what they are talking about.

I encourage you to go down and watch the sales near your area and observe the interactions, it is quite interesting, especially if you enjoy people watching (or equine watching).  Especially on the select days for the cream of the crop. /Select

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