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Jockeys 2.3

Here is a quick review of the show and I would like to hear feedback of what you thought of the newest episode.

How about the Dubai World Cup? The entire story surrounding Aaron Gryder and his attempt to win the Dubai World Cup was very captivating. The story included his family, the incredible story behind Well Armed, and Aaron representing the United States amid solid international competition. Well Armed was returning from a major injury to prove he is the best in the world.

The show also picks up on explaining the relationship between I Want Revenge and Joe Talamo. Joe explains pretty candidly how much the Kentucky Derby not only means to him, but to jockeys everywhere. Joe's races on I want revenge to prep for the Kentucky Derby are also covered in this episode, which is edited to remain pretty suspenseful.

The most emotional and insightful story for me to watch was about Iggy Puglisi's attempt to return to racing regularity. A major reason for him to fight hard for a comeback is so he and his fiance can finally get married. There was a lot of emotion expressed by Iggy and it seemed like he just couldn't catch a break, even with trainers who would allow him to race their horses.

The next new episode can bee seen tonight on Animal Planet.

You can order from on demand, if you are unable to view the show on TV.


Katherine Brooks found me via Facebook and I discovered she is working on a movie about Julie Krone. I had no idea this film was in the works and I am actually very interested in watching it.

"The Boys Club" is a biography of Julie Krone and her achievements. The movie has a wonderful website and explains the movie is about the boundaries that Julie fought to break, in order to achieve her goals. Among Julie's accomplishments were: being the first woman to win a riding title at a major horse track, win five races in one day at a NY track, and be the first woman to win a triple crown race.

Learn more at:



Summer Bird couldn't ask for a much better trip in his race. He sat in great position just off the pace, but in contention and waited out the other horses who started to give way and by the time the quarter pole was reached, Summer Bird knew he could take the slop and had enough distance in him to take off and pass the competition. Congratulations to he and Tim Ice. FYI: Time Ice is our next guest on talking horses.

Speaking of Summer Bird, here is a recent Bird Stone feature we posted:

[brightcove videoid="36376203001"]

Del Mar Handicap:

What an exciting finish in the stretch huh? I also couldn't believe how fast the early horses broke and were blazing the turf.

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