I will have a few stories to post later on the Breeders' Cup, but until I have time to jog my memory and share those with you, here are some things to keep you busy...


I had a chance to get to know Ernie Munick in the field. He is a genuine guy and enjoys learning/teaching on the industry. Breeders' Cup 360 is a great idea and you should watch the "Clockers' Corner" series. Ernie truly does catch trainers, horses and personalities from a candid view. Steve Haskin, Rick Samuels and several other familiar faces can be seen, as you see what I often see around the track through his lens. (even glimpses of me!)



 Here is a little something I made on the flight back from LA to LEX. It is a wallpaper for your Computer, click to download/save.
Thank Anne for the photo, which you can order from our Photo Store!


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