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 A short Breeders' Cup story:

Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt
Stopping to talk with Jerry O'Connell about the Breeders' Cup Classic. I asked Jerry "Having any luck today?" as he responded "no not really" and we began chit chatting. I was definitely curious about who he liked in the Classic and so that was most of the discussion.

Jerry was explaining he liked Summer Bird and Girolamo. His angle was; he watched Birdstone beat Smarty Jones. "Birdstone is Summer Bird's dad, so I like him because of that." Jerry explained. He then proceeded to explain that Girolamo was owned by Arabs and likes how they invest in horses and use their money. So he was supporting the Godolphin angle due to his enjoyment of their passion for the sport.

I did challenge Jerry on his Summer Bird stance explaining "Well Mine That Bird is a Birdstone and he won the Derby, why don't you pick him?" My tone was slightly sarcastic and he smirked saying no and we chatted another minute, then it was post time. 


 Just how big was Zenyatta winning the Breeders' Cup Classic?

Sunday morning, Nov. 8, YouTube has a Zenyatta video and a Breeders' Cup Classic replay on it's homepage.
Significance: The top spots, above the fold on their hompage are by recommendation. The horse racing fans/Zenyatta fans favorited this enough to become two of the most popular videos.

Twitter trended the terms bc09 and Zenyatta. That is a big deal, because hitting the Top 5 on Twitter's homepage is very difficult. For example, MW2/Modern Warfare 2 is a new video game recently released and it is the top trend for the week. That game sold 4.7 million copies within the first 24hrs. So the fans of any topic are key in creating the trend, thus A LOT of people/fans/media were discussing the Breeders' Cup Classic and Zenyatta.


The Rachel Alexandra fans have spoken. So here is something for them and I also will post the Zenyatta desktop here againl.

Click on the image below to download/save.


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