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 Thanks to Shannon Hahn’s Argyle, N.Y-based Double L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, a gray racehorse who lost an eye in a track accident has found a happy ending—albeit after a long road—with a caring owner and a new career.
In the midst of all the news about neglected horses and slaughter-bound ex-racers, it’s always encouraging when a rescue organization passes on a story such as this. While it might not happen often in comparison with the alarming number of unwanted horses that turn up each day, the encouragement from these stories of success always brighten my spirits gives me hope for a better future.
I actually first wrote about Hahn’s stable Saratoga Springs when she related this story to me last year about a rescued mare and her newborn foal, who is now working as a therapy horse.
Hahn’s operation is one of the many rescue facilities throughout the country that—especially in light of the struggling economy—need our help to survive. During this Valentine’s Day season, Double L is holding a fundraiser contest and asking the public to send Valentine’s Card to its rescue horses with a $1 bill inside (or more if they wish).
The cards will be hung in the barn for visitors to see, and on St. Patrick’s Day one name will be selected to receive a $20 gift card to Tractor Supply Co. Cards can be sent to: The Horses, Double L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, 9 Tilford Rd, Argyle, NY 12809.
As a little pick-me-up for fellow rescues and fans alike, Hahn wanted to relate the story of the aforementioned one-eyed gelding named Best At Law. Double L originally adopted out the horse to a woman in Pennsylvania, who had to return him a year later due to her own health issues. Sent back to Double L, Best at Law was next adopted by a Vermont-based family, which renamed him Orion.

Unfortunately, due to the family’s farm going out of business a year later, the gelding was once again returned to Double L and in need of a new home. Not giving up hope, Hahn reposted Orion for adoption for the third time, and a young girl named Ashley who was searching for a show horse wound up taking him.
“(Ashley’s) trainer at the time did not want her to adopt a one-eyed horse as a show prospect—he didn’t think (the horse) would be able to learn the work and said the judges would not like him,” said Hahn. “Well, this one-eyed wonder has proved them all wrong! Orion is doing wonderful and winning ribbons with the best of them.”

Best at Law and Ashley
Photo: Best At Law and Ashley Dorey in dressage

“This horse is a grand example of what an ex-racer can do and what wonderful horses are available through rescue,” Hahn continued. “Through no fault of his own this horse was adopted out three times, but finally found his forever home. In order to continue our work we need all the help we can get in these hard times.”

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