For the Record


The second largest opening day crowd in history gathered at Keeneland Friday. Shoulder to shoulder and plenty of body heat everywhere, thank goodness I could get relief by watching horses while standing in the paddock. The weather was warm, the college crowd was immense and drinks were flowing. There were several scholarships being given out, the college crowd is the largest I have ever seen at Keeneland, and trust me I have seen a lot.

 As far as the experience, on this day I mingled with a lot of old friends I have not seen in a while, stood with more recently acquainted friends, made a few new friends, and caught up with industry colleagues. I was able to chat with Matt Goins for a while. Matt is always fun to talk with. I still am upset I did not win the bidding war two years ago at the TOBA dinner for his award-winning jockey flying off the horse shot. I also talked with our awesome photographer Anne.

 Many of you will be glad to know I finally met the great Draynay. He, Shandler and I were chilling for a bit and he is quite the horseplayer. Although I can be critical of his all chalk presentations, he was winning.


 Krypton wins in race 8 at Keeneland opening day, Friday April 2nd!

 Krypton dominated this field and had a chip on his shoulder after finishing fourth in his last race to a field that included Double’s Partner and Lentenor.  Doubles Partner and Lentenor finished one, two at the wire.

 Fish was really never a factor in race 8 though. Krypton was in great position during the race and definitely held closer to the pace than he has in his other two starts this year. That position seemed to really work for him and it paid off huge as he moved to romp in the stretch.  He is definitely becoming my favorite Rock Hard Ten colt, especially since my sister is a huge Super Man fan…so Krypton the name has some sentimental value.  Let’s go Rock Hard Ten!

 Bravo Whiskey could have hit second, he just started his closing move too late. Or maybe his turn of foot was just no fast enough. Either way, he cost me my exacta, BUT I was really happy he hit third with a pretty nice move. Now if only Krypton could earn enough to visit the Kentucky Derby. Not going to happen, but I wonder if we will see him later on in a few of the classic Grade One Stakes.

 I apologize for the photo blurriness.





She Be Wild finished third in the Central Bank Ashland Stakes (gr. I) over the weekend, so I quick shout out to her.

In race three on Friday, an “old” favorite of mine was running so I had to put money on him, I also wagered a nice bet on this race, but did not hit the exotic. Old Man Buck was one of the first horses that I liked when I joined the industry three years ago. Old Man Buck, Big Bad Leroy Brown and Frank the Barber were instant favorites.

Photo: Old Man Buck


This song is titled "For The Record" and is by a good Hard Core band, Stretch Armstrong. So with the Keeneland record being challenged, this seemed fitting. The want you to know you are more than just a tour date.



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