Now THAT'S a Horse of a Different Color!


What are your thoughts?

On Friday March 26 I watched the video below after my mom mentioned she saw a piece on TV about a track somewhere painting their race horses. Nothing against my mom, but I am more in shock I did not read about the possibility of common practice horse painting from somewhere in the industry.

 I started to research it as my first thoughts were, "This is insane, I feel like I would be watching a Skittles commercial." Then an after thought of, "I like Skittles though and could use some right now" emerged. I also asked if it was necessary to really paint the entire horse a color? Why not just the horse's hind or torso? Then I came back to reality and said, well, "This is Hollywood." That is where I left it. The paint may help fans and horse players, as ridiculous as it seems, but I am going to miss the photos of shimmering bay coats.

 Anyway, what are your initial reactions?

FYI - This was released April 1st on TVG's Community forums. So take it as you will =)


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