Return of the Jedi: Jedi Code


Watch Jedi Code win!

Jedi Code always seems to get out of the gate slow. That is how he ran a year ago and that is how he has run his past two starts. Left at the start in his first race this year after a VERY long lay off. Now a first place win and a bright future. He deserves a step up, or will most certainly be claimed. The win looked to be a solid two lengths, but the recap page stated a 1 1/3...I contest that =).

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Jedi Code winning at Churchill Downs June 11, 2010
Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt


Good Game Dude

The Belmont pretty much proved what I thought the story would be with "the Dudes." If you read my previous post, I thought Game on Dude would finish well, but somewhere behind First Dude. As I also thought First Dude would finish strong near second or third. A nice job by "the Dudes" in the Belmont!


Jedi Code paddock.
Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt

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