War Admiral Video and Helmet Awareness


While attending the American Horse Publications convention over the weekend, I was able to network with a lot of cool horse peeps. One of which was Lyndsey White. She informed me on a big event occurring named "riders4helmets National Helmet Awareness Day" on July 10th, 2010. Lyndsey said, This is the first time the helmet manufacturers have come together to offer discounts and the more people that know about it the better. We might just save some lives!  I really want people at the racetrack to know about it so they can take advantage of the discounts and get new/upgraded helmets.

Let's all join in this effort to let horse people know they can save for a few weeks to purchase a new helmet. There have been a lot of injuries to jockeys in the past few years. There have also been a lot of big injuries on the US Equestrian teams. Learn more on their Facebook page.


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