Arrrrr to the Rescue!


Stacy Hindt posted a wonderful update on Arrrrr's Facebook page July 21st. She has decided to start paperwork for an equine rescue operation. The recuse will be named Arrrrr Equine Rescue, after none other than Arrrrr.

She says "'Morgan' is my poster boy." By Morgan, the barn name/nickname Stacy has given Arrrrr, she is relating his pirate theme to Captain Morgan.

I think this is a great legacy for Arrrrr and speaks volumes about his personality of determination on the track, but being shown off of the track.

Arrrrr Equine Rescue is now accepting donations. Stacy asks "If you'd like to help, we are fundraising for an appy baby and her mama in Camelot. Donations are tax deductible through the rescue...and can be sent to"

I recommend contacting her first and sending money after introducing yourself, if that is of interest to you.

Follow Arrrrr on his Facebook page:

Follow Stacy and the rescue on their blog:

For another rescue story, read Esther's new post on Beyond the Blinkers:


Man, this never gets old.


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Criminal Type

Leave it to Durkin. I saw this race live on TVG. It was funny as hell then and it's still funny as hell.....LOL

27 Jul 2010 12:14 PM

Is it possible to visit the Arrrr Equine Rescue?  Before I consider donating, I would like to view the facilities.  Thanks.

27 Jul 2010 3:38 PM


That is an excellent idea. I would encourage anyone thinking of contributing to a cause, to first research it. This would include living conditions and upkeep.

27 Jul 2010 4:19 PM
Dawn in MN

My employer has a program of direct withdrawal from payroll checks to the charity of choice.  I have been donating to a rescue in my state for two years in a row.  I asked to volunteer a couple of years ago and was told they didn't need anyone.  Are you kidding?  I have never received so much as a thank you electronic or otherwise.  At a minimum they clearly need a volunteer to recognize and acknowledge the contriubtors.  I asked to see the rescue and I was invited to an off-site meeting.  They did say I could visit the rescue if I call ahead.  They don't specialize in OTTBs but they do take in the occasional OTTB.  We need more rescues in our state.  Canterbury Park is too close to Canada.  I don't know where the horses who aren't shipping out at the end of the meet will end up.  I'm willing to bet that for some of the horses the place they end up isn't good.  I read an article about a track veterinarian who picks up the occasional horse from Canterbury and ships them to a farm West of Minnesota for re-hab.  The kind acts of individuals like him is so important.  

28 Jul 2010 6:14 AM

Wondering- Absolutely look into any organization b4 you donate.  I am NOT suggesting that this particular rescue is doing anything wrong.  I speak from the nightmare I am still going thru of having made a donation to a group who abused it, and if I told you the world recognized name of this group, you'd never believe it.

28 Jul 2010 6:53 AM

What a great idea! I may be behind the 8-ball on this but what happened to Arrrh (the horse, I mean!)? Please tell me nothing bad happened to him! I loved that horse!

28 Jul 2010 10:29 PM
Greg J.

Thanks Adam, love Mr. Durkin's call of Arrrrr's race, a classic indeed!  Kudos to Stacy for starting "Arrrrr Equine Rescue" and glad she found Morgan(Arrrrr)!

29 Jul 2010 10:44 AM

Good advice PomDeTerre.

Convene - Nothing has happened to Arrrrr, he was bought off the track.

Greg J., Durkin is definitely an entertainer!

30 Jul 2010 2:48 PM

i commend you for your dedication & work. i am a retired person with, quite abit of training experince. in my area, i see a need for timed event,& game type horses. there is ademand for these type horses, at a cost that young working people, can afford. i would be interested in adopting 2 geldings or spade, mares,off the track. i would retrain, these animals for pole bending, barrel racing & playday horses. after they are trained, iwould try to recycle them into the commity at prices afordible,in the working class people. if this is an idea that would help your orginizetion, please contact me, the arm chair railbird.

03 Aug 2010 10:54 AM

Thank you, aspradling. I often wonder because so often we don't ever find out. I loved that guy - and yeah, I loved Tom Durkin's calls whenever Arrr raced.

04 Aug 2010 9:52 AM

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