Arrrrr to the Rescue!


Stacy Hindt posted a wonderful update on Arrrrr's Facebook page July 21st. She has decided to start paperwork for an equine rescue operation. The recuse will be named Arrrrr Equine Rescue, after none other than Arrrrr.

She says "'Morgan' is my poster boy." By Morgan, the barn name/nickname Stacy has given Arrrrr, she is relating his pirate theme to Captain Morgan.

I think this is a great legacy for Arrrrr and speaks volumes about his personality of determination on the track, but being shown off of the track.

Arrrrr Equine Rescue is now accepting donations. Stacy asks "If you'd like to help, we are fundraising for an appy baby and her mama in Camelot. Donations are tax deductible through the rescue...and can be sent to"

I recommend contacting her first and sending money after introducing yourself, if that is of interest to you.

Follow Arrrrr on his Facebook page:

Follow Stacy and the rescue on their blog:

For another rescue story, read Esther's new post on Beyond the Blinkers:


Man, this never gets old.

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