Korean Horse Racing Movie: Grand Prix

 With the United States anticipating the release of Secretariat, let's shift focus on another country's new horse racing movie. Korea.

Movie Trailer:


Grand Prix basically follows the course of a girl's determination to be the first prominent female jockey in Korea. Seo Joo-Hee suffers a breakdown to her favorite horse during a race and has to battle through emotions to come back to the track and fight for her dream. There is also a romance tied to the story with a male jockey who's name is Woo-Seok.

 The actress playing Seo Joo-Hee is Kim Tae-hee (pictured left) and is quite popular in Korea. She has a bachelor degree in fashion designing but grew into acting by various tv series roles.

The Korean Racing Authority (KRA) is supporting the movie, and I think that is a smart move for Korean horse racing. This movie will definitely draw the young crowd with "Korea's most beautiful woman" harnessing lead actress. Follow KRA on Twitter @korearacing

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