And Down The Stretch Comes Murder

No, this post is not about a real murder. BUT this post is about a Television episode that involves solving a murder around a race track.

If you have ever watched the series Psych on cable, it is a fun detective show; aimed at my generation for the most part. I found the episode very refreshing and was excited with how it casually portrayed the industry as awesome, hip and fun. The plot starts by a jockey mysteriously dying during a race. There is also a side plot of the two main character's experiences with a bully in grade school. I don't want to fill in too much, because the show really does a great job doing so.

If you have an interest in light hearted, yet very good storyline shows, watch it.

This episode is available on Netflix, along with the entire season, or download from Amazon and probably iTunes.

Hear from the writer of this episode of Psych as he explains his influences and thoughts for the show. He speaks of the track, track experiences and a racing movie.


Scene from Aug 10 Episode of PSYCH on USA
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