Horse to Be - Cool Blue Red Hot

Derby Horse: Cool Blue Red Hot

Watch Cool Blue Red Hot's race against Soldat.
Review the race results here.

Finding the horses that are late bloomers with little hype around them so far, and whom will perform in the Derby, is a lot of fun for me to figure out.

Cool Blue Red Hot was able to keep pace head to head with Soldat, but either grew tired in the stretch or hated the slop. No worries yet though, because he has time to work on his endurance.  If it were to rain Kentucky Derby day, Cool Blue Red Hot will have a slop race under his belt and know what to expect. I like that he stays near the pace and finished solidly against the rest of the field. Despite the D TrueNicks rating, I think he has potential to hit the board and he is one horse I am going to keep a solid eye on.

Beamer raced against Cool Blue Red Hot in this race and appears on Steve's "Dirty Dozen list", as I will call the Derby Dozen challenge list Steve has started. Beamer has already been defeated by Cool Blue Red Hot in competition and thus solidifies a presence in the Derby.

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