Derby Reflection: The Bronx Zoo Knew

Derby Reflection: The Bronx Zoo Knew

The Bronx Zoo should have been an indicator that the 'Animal' was going to get loose. All of these animals escaping are fitting for Animal Kingdom's name. A hunch bet in hindsight.

Typically when I handicap the Kentucky Derby, I somehow involve horses who have done well at Churchill Downs in a previous race/past performances. If I had kept to those habits and acknowledged how well Animal Kingdom has looked in photos from the track and worked, betting him is a no brainer.

To not include Animal Kingdom in my handicapping pics is kind of embarrassing. I still would have my other picks of Mucho Macho Man and Shackleford doing well. Soldat and Stay Thirsty however were a little disappointing. Midnight Interlude showed some inexperience and of course Archarcharch had his saddle shift and finished injured.

During the live event on television, Animal Kingdom looked good in the post parade. Seeing his demeaner added insult to injury, but Shackleford rocked it for me as well. I was liking what I saw in him.

So the betting damage is a loss on Kentucky Derby day but I feel justified by nailing the Kentucky Oaks. I bet Place/Show on St John's River...perfection in that bet.

I am scouring the web for the pre-race piece NBC did on Rachel Alexandra, because the video was clever and cute. If you see this video, please post a link. I would like to embed it into a future blog.

Speaking of NBC pieces, here is the video with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots!
Kentucky Derby Rap with Jimmy Fallon


Here is a photo of me next to Mike Repole's "Pirate's Booty."  Thanks for the snacks in the office Mike!

Caption: Me 'cheesing' it up in front of the Pirate's Booty display.
Photo: E. Larson

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