Odds and Ends 2011

Holiday Happening

If you are planning to entertain guests for the holidays before driving through the Kentucky Horse Park for the lovely Southern Lights spectacle, go see their exibit of The Horse.

The Horse definitely lives up to the advertising and hype. Amazed by the detail and leaving with a deeper understanding of the equine picture as a whole. Aside from the Samurai and European suits of armor, there is a ingenious interactive display that teaches you about the horse's digestive process and sensory organs. All ages and genders will find something interesting.


Rally Behind Redux

I challenge those who have not given Rapid Redux a chance, or are sitting in the wagon of naysayers, to rally him on. Excuses have ranged from Redux not being in stakes competition to comparisons of Redux to horses that are clearly in their own tier ie.. Zenyatta.

In a step further, appreciate the various levels of talent and compeition in often challenging Allowance and Claiming races.In many cases the playing field is more level and thus complex.

Finally ask yourself "When was the last time I saw a horse beside the names Citation and Roseben?"

I have been very impressed with DRF's topic page focusing on Rapid Redux. They have done a superb job in building a location to follow this horse.

War Horse

(See my preview post and community commentary here.)

Formerly a best selling book, then turned into a feature play, and now an award nominated movie. Appearing in a teaser on Good Morning America today, Steven Spielburg talked about his connection with horses in his life. Steven's wife is a dressage rider and his daughter is a hunter jumper.

"Horses talk by the way they look at you, there are a lot more ways horses talk to you than people give them credit for..."

Steven Spielburg's full interview will be aired tonight on Nightline.

For a very cool interview with horse trainer Bobby Lovgren, who worked on War Horse, visit our sister site here.


Hong Kong

Did you watch any of our racing coverage from the Hong Kong Cup week? Most of the interviews were actually pretty fascinating. In addition, there were several exciting races due to dead heats for second and then for third in the Hong Kong Vase and Hong Kong Sprint. Read about them here.

Riding Lessons...

It has been about a month, but I took another riding lesson. This time Gabe stepped up to the plate. A wonderful, sweet horse of 18 hands that was eager to do what I asked. Even if I didn't mean to ask. Let's just say I am learning a lot and took out a tree branch or two with my helmet. Riders4Helmets is the real deal by the way.

Caption: Gabe and Adam
Photo: Erica Larson

And They're Off

What do you think about the new title of "Unstable Boy?" If you are not sure what I am talking about, go watch the Pearl Harbor Day episode.


What are your Odds and Ends of 2011?


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Thanks, Adam, for your many comments...many, which do make sense (seems making sense in the racing area is becoming a bit of a rarity).

Particularly, thank you for reminding us all to appreciate the various levels of talent and competitiveness in racing.  Seems the norm is to focus on the graded entries which of course does make sense, however, people too often forget that the "little" horse with the trainer and owner on a constricted budget are out there and deserve attention and credit, also.  Racing, in general, has become "all about money" and the media focuses far too much on that aspect.  We all need to remember that the horses in the claiming and allowance races are running their hearts out, too!  Perfect example is Rapid Redux.  His trainer, at this moment, is focused on what is best for the horse...not on the next purse amount or further prestige. (Just check out DRF...who, as you pointed out has provided us with great coverage of RR...the only place I could find to watch (live) RR's last race and who continues to keep us updated (what's wrong "BloodHorse"...is the pocketbook of the owner and trainer not plump enough for you to offer decent recognition and coverage?

I, personally, think Rapid Redux has accomplished what no other horse this year has!  Regardless of his races...he has still accomplished and CONSISTENTLY !(MUCH MORE than can be said about most "major" horses in the past year).  RR and his connections have given racing some REAL excitement, hope, and attention.  I hate to think of what will happen if racing has another year, like 2011, where it lacks luster.  I say, NOW,....GIVE THE CREDIT WHERE THE CREDIT IS DUE..and that credit to... the "little guy" who seems to outshine the others !

As for you....thanks for the shot of you and Gabe...what a gorgeous horse Gabe is and you appear to be pretty relaxed in the saddle of a very big horse !  Just keep wearing that helmet and try to stay clear of trees!

To you and everyone...have a great Holiday Season and a healthy, safe, and happy 2012!

15 Dec 2011 7:41 AM
Pedigree Ann

As praiseworthy as winning 19 races in a year is, and equalling what Citation and Roseben did, it is no record. In 1913, Donald Macdonald won 22 races. There may have been others with similar numbers but I don't have the American Racing Manuals to research the matter further.

15 Dec 2011 9:56 AM

I remember when I was learning to ride, many-many years ago. I was on an old OTTB named Montauk - a big, scopey chestnut who always tried his best. (He had to with an idiot like me on him.) After putting in many hours in class, the instructor felt that I was finally ready to try jumping. We headed toward the fence at a very controlled canter.....it was the nearest to actual flight that I have ever experienced. Time seemed to stand still and I felt totally weightless.  I can only imagine how wonderful the experience would have been, if only the horse had gone over the fence with me. That day, I learned what a horse laugh looked like.  

15 Dec 2011 4:28 PM

"The War Horse" has already been nominated by the Golden Globes for best picture.

The last time I was on an 18 hand horse, and my foot caught in the stirrup dismounting, I was grateful for the umpteen years of ballet training that allowed me the benefit of a split until I got untangled.

Totally into Rapid Redux, and feel that he deserves a special award come Eclipse night.

16 Dec 2011 6:06 PM

Since I haven't found the answer anywhere, I'll put it into this blog - it truly is one of the odds and ends of 2011:  What happened to Blind Luck?  She had a bad race and suddenly she is shipped off to be sold.  Racing and broodmare prospect?  This was a mare being proposed as Horse of the Year after defeating Havre de Grace and then suddenly, nothing.  What happened?

16 Dec 2011 6:45 PM

@Anncat - She is a beautiful filly sint' she? =) I posted two links below, one is about her being sold and the other is her profile where you can find listings of news related to her. It might be a good place to check from time to time for more updates in the future.

"She had a rough campaign and ran her heart out and we just want to let her be a horse for a little bit, let the smoke clear and then decide who to breed her to,"

Blind Luck was supported by a partnership and a typical way for one of the partners to gain full ownership from the group, is to buy the horse at fair market value, which the sales provide. The story below will explain that a little, I think. I am glad that they were also attempting to be aware of what is best for the horse, maybe Blind Luck wasn't really digging the track lifestyle anymore?



Rapid Redux profile on BH.com:


18 Dec 2011 4:42 PM

Great to see you get in the saddle Adam. It's an amazing thing learning to ride and to be one with a horse. Good for you!

09 Mar 2012 10:18 PM

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