Northern Dancer Pensioned

The start of the week brought the double-whammy news that both Sadler's Wells (pedigree) and Storm Cat (on SRO) (pedigree) were pensioned.

It would be hard to overstate the impact that these two Northern Dancer-line studs have had, both in their respective homes and worldwide.

Read more about Sadler's Wells' retirement here.  View the article on Storm Cat's pensioning here.

Northern Dancer was known as a sire of sires, as were these two male-line descendents. Northern Dancer stood for record fees, as did the two pensioned stallions.  Northern Dancer's impact on Thoroughbred bloodlines is indelible.  Storm Cat and Sadler's Wells will be part of the genetic makeup of the breed forevermore.

While I'm committed to breeding my own mares to less-prominent lines than they represent, I stand in awe at the accomplishments of these fine stallions. I know that the history of Thoroughbred breeding has officially closed another chapter. While the 2008 breeding season continues another month, for all intents and purposes we've begun a long summer break. 

And so I ask, what are your thoughts on Storm Cat and Sadler's Wells?  And where do we go from here?

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