Broad Brush's U.S. Line Suffers Setback

Say it ain't so.

The Broad Brush sire line suffered a setback today when it was announced that his son Mongoose (SRO) has been sold to stand in Peru. (Full story.)

Don't get me wrong --  I hope Mongoose goes down there and wins every sire title for the next 15 years.  It's great to see interest in American bloodlines from other parts of the world.  Sometimes it's better for everyone -- the stallion benefits from the opportunities presented by new bloodlines, the new host nation sees an improvement of class, and a spot is opened at the stallion's former stud farm for the newest sire on the block. 

But losing a Broad Brush stallion just hurts.  We don't have many -- Include (SRO) in Kentucky and Maybry's Boy (SRO) in New York are the only big names left now that Concern (SRO) has pretty much fallen off the radar. It was exactly six months ago that I commented on the role of Broad Brush's sons as part of the larger Domino tail-male line.  And now that sire line will be absent from the stallion rosters in Florida, one of the states with the best breeding programs around.

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