Weatherbys and Blood-Horse Join Forces For Race Horse Breeders

Fifty or 70 years ago, it made sense for Thoroughbred horse racing to be somewhat insular. Transatlantic flight for horses was inconvenient and costly. While European and American bloodlines influenced each other, they were distinctly separate entities. The culture of racing in England and France was quite a bit different than what was found at America's racecourses.

In 2009, those differences have faded, and the difficulty of transporting horses across the oceans has eased significantly.

Blood-Horse Publications and Weatherbys -- the English keeper of Thoroughbred records -- recognize this globalization of the Thoroughbred breeding market, and have collaborated to make featured stallions accessible to the most breeders, regardless of tWeatherbys Thoroughbred stallionsheir location.  Cross-linking between the online stallion directories provides users with additional information on internationally-prominent studs.

If you visit the Stallion Register Online Web site, you'll notice a front-page Weatherbys icon and a link to a full list of Weatherbys stallions.  Additionally, for stallions that are featured on both the SRO and Weatherbys Stallion Book Online, you'll find icons on the stallions' feature pages that link directly to the complementary Weatherbys page.

And for users, that site cross-indexes stallions that have pages in both Thoroughbred stallion directories.  It's easier than ever to research the world's leading sires.

As communication technology improves and travel becomes more efficient, the world truly does get smaller.  With Weatherbys and The Blood-Horse working together, the Thoroughbred breeding industry benefits and international horse racing finds increased opportunity.

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