Yonaguska Should Shine in Louisiana

The weekend's news that Yonaguska has been relocated to Louisiana at first seems like a bit of a demotion for the son of Cherokee Run. A closer look reveals that it might be the best thing that could happen for him.

In Kentucky, Yonaguska (SRO) had a half-dozen other Cherokee Run sons to compete with, in addition to Cherokee Run (SRO) himself.  In fact, at Vinery, he stood alongside Chelokee (SRO), who is bred on a similar Cherokee Run/Silver Ghost nick -- effectively cutting in half the opportunity he might otherwise see.  In Louisiana, he'll be the only prominent representative of this line.

Yonaguska's challenge in Kentucky was to be a "commercial" sire. In Louisiana, he'll have more of a breed-to-race niche to fill. Yonaguska's almost 25 juvenile winners per year is a fantastic feat and will guarantee him interest in Louisiana's speed-oriented breeding program.

It was hard to get excited about Yonaguska in Kentucky -- he was lost in the shuffle.  In Louisiana, where his foals will be eligible for one of the nation's best state-bred incentive programs, he will be a real standout.

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