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It's Foaling Time

Nothing is more fun than watching a new foal's first few struggles to stand, nurse, and walk. But what happens when the delivery doesn't go according to plan?... Read More

The Rest of Their Lives

Are broodmares exploited? Is the Thoroughbred industry callously breeding our mares to death? When should a mare be retired -- and what happens to her then?... Read More

Eating for Two

Nutrition for your broodmares makes a huge difference in their foals' development. How confident are you in your feed regimen?... Read More

Hay You Guys

It's been a rough year for a lot of horse owners, with hay prices reaching record levels -- and that's if you can find any available. In addition to bemoaning the situation, I'm trying to figure out a way to avoid the same problem next year.... Read More

Too Much Winter

Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike winter. I grew up in the Northeast and Lexington is mild in comparison. And the horses like the cold much better than the sweaty mess of July or August in the Bluegrass. But this time of year brings other annoyances and frustrations, as well. My horses tell me when I've gone a little shy on the hay or beet pulp. They do so by chewing... everything. It's bad enough when they gnaw on the fence boards, but it's dire when they whittle the posts down to toothpicks or when they go after the lap boards on the barn. Of course, hay isn't cheap -- this year, it's not even easy to find -- and there's only so much beet pulp a horse is going to want to eat. ... Read More

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