Eating for Two

It's mid-July. Your broodmares have been in foal for anywhere between one and five months.  So... what are you feeding them?

Talk to a dozen farm managers and you'll get a dozen different responses.  Is it necessary to feed supplements?  When should the mare start to gain real serious weight?  If the in-foal mare also has a suckling, what additional considerations should I make?

Broodmare Nutrition videoFor an informative overview of the topic, take a look at the Broodmare Nutrition video offered FREE on  You'll get expert veterinary opinions that will help ensure your feed regimen is appropriate for your producing mares, and you'll pick up tips on what to feed at each stage of fetal development, how the nutrients affect the mare and developing foal, and how to evaluate appropriate weight gain.

This video is jam-packed with great advice but will only cost you 8 minutes! 

If you're new to, you'll want to check out their many "Horse Courses," "How-To" programs, and other video offerings.  It's all free -- if you're not already signed up, you'll be prompted to fill out a short form for your free membership. Once you're through watching the video, take a look at the other vet-reviewed offerings on the site, including several articles on feeds and feeding.


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