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Evening Gone Too Soon

By Becky Johnston Evening gone to soon It is an understatement to say this sport has highs and lows. Even after 20 years, I am still surprised when the cold slap of reality strikes me firmly across the... Read More

I Love Candy

by Becky Johnston I admit it. I am in love with a chestnut colt named Sidney’s Candy. If he had a fan club, I would apply for presidency. Apparently, there is something wrong with that. The other day,... Read More


Have you ever met anyone you idolized and you sort of lose consciousness and don’t know what you are saying or doing? Well, I had that moment. Vic Stauffer, John Shireffs and Steve Willard were nice enough... Read More

Tribute to Bobby Frankel

Courtesy of Becky Johnston Just wanted to remember Bobby Frankel today and relive some of his greatest wins. A filly he loved, Flute. 2001 Kentucky Oaks Frankel did a masterful job of handling Sightseek... Read More

Trevor Denman Took a Risk

Courtesy of Becky Johnston By putting an emphasis on Zenyatta throughout the race, Trevor Denman made a perfect pairing of a memorable call with a race that will stand the test of time. Here is what I... Read More

Enjoy Zenyatta Now

Courtesy of Becky Johnston Are the fans ruining the sport? Is Zenyatta great? She has only run outside California once. She's never faced the boys, until now. She's never raced a longer distance. She's... Read More

What is it about a Closer?

Courtesy of Becky Johnston There is something about a deep closer in horse racing that elicits the inner underdog in humans. We can relate. Who hasn’t had their back up against the wall in some task in... Read More

A Weekend for Memories

Courtesy of Becky Johnston This weekend’s races offer a feast for the fans, but they also honor some important people and equine athletes in our sport’s history. Arlington Park The Beverly D. Stakes will... Read More

What superhero pajamas do you wear?

Courtesy of Becky Johnston If Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas, I doubt Zenyatta honors her counterpart with a “Rachel is my Hero” negligee. In fact, I doubt she’s ever heard of her. With no match up anywhere... Read More

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