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A Morning at the Gallops

My host here in the U.K. kindly set up a trip for this morning out to one of the Newmarket-based training yards, where I was able to walk the wall boxes to see all of the horses, and to watch a set of... Read More

Walking Pedigrees

If the higher-ups at The Blood-Horse ask, I'm working hard during my trip to the U.K. Hardly sleeping, what with all the work. Yes, sir -- it's been nothing but work, work, work since I arrived. That's... Read More

Arrival at Newmarket

This week is my introduction to Newmarket in the U.K. Every Englishman I meet immediately apologizes for the "poor weather" and hopes that I don't get chilled. Ha! It's mid-40s here and was in the low... Read More

Thoroughbred Horse Names

For a moment, let's put aside the somber, serious issues of horse racing and breeding in today's economic climate, and instead discuss the more lighthearted topic of horse names. As we round out the year... Read More

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