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I don't own Hasili (IRE) (pedigree). 

To provide a quick recap of that mare's record as a broodmare, I'll just say she got off to a "slow" start with Dansili (GB), her first foal:  he was merely a multiple group II winner.  The five foals following -- the mares Banks Hill (GB), Heat Haze (GB), and Intercontinental (GB), and the stallions Cacique (IRE) and Champs Elysees (GB) -- all took group/grade I contests.  Her first six foals have combined for nearly $7.1 million in earnings.  There are some decent stallions out there whose progeny haven't hit $7 million in lifetime earnings -- for a mare, it's unheard of.

So, it's not surprising that I don't own Hasili.  If I did, though, I have a few ideas for her future breedings.

One thing those six Hasili foals have in common is that they descend from the Danzig sire line.  I'm not one to question such a well-established pattern, so sons and grandsons of Danzig would be on my list.  Here's how a few of the hypothetical matings would look, based on sons of Danzig:

  • Hard Spun (TrueNicks,SRO) - earns an A++ rating (view the report).  I like this match for a lot of reasons.  Hard Spun is an exciting new opportunity for the Danzig line in the U.S.  In this specific match, we get a 4 X 4 cross to Roberto -- a nice pattern that helps the resulting foal both on the track and in a future breeding career.
  • War Chant (TrueNicks,SRO) - earns an A++ rating (view the report), and has the same Roberto inbreeding as with Hard Spun.
  • Brahms (TrueNicks,SRO) - earns an A++ rating (view the report).  Again, this match yields a nice inbreeding pattern, this time to Blushing Groom (FR).
  • Exchange Rate (TrueNicks,SRO) - earns an A++ rating (view the report). A 5 X 4 cross to Nijinsky II further expands the Northern Dancer line-breeding that Hasili and Danzig create.
  • Dove Hunt (TrueNicks,SRO) - earns an A++ rating (view the report).  If you'd prefer to avoid inbreeding as much as possible while still going with a Danzig-line stallion, Dove Hunt will fit the bill.

I went a little further in my "window-shopping" for a new cross for Hasili, this time not looking at the sire line, but instead focusing on female families.  I came up with two more matches:

  •  Religiously (pedigree) is an Alleged half-brother to Danzig.  While this cross has not had nearly the same opportunity or overwhelming success as Danzig/Kahyasi (IRE), the Alleged/Ile de Bourbon nick has proved to be a promising one, earning an A++ rating from TrueNicks.  (View the report.)  So in addition to the strong sire line nick, we see the family of Danzig -- it would seem hard to miss here.  (Sadly, Religiously died several years back and didn't produce an heir -- but I thought the cross was fun to look at anyway.)
  • Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) (TrueNicks,SRO) - earns a C+ rating (view the report) based on a couple of listed winners and a group III-placed horse.  This match creates a Rasmussen Factor inbreeding to Kerali (GB) (dam of Hasili and second dam of Leroidesanimaux), and also has a 3 X 4 cross of Blushing Groom.  The C+ rating is lower than the threshold generally recommended by TrueNicks, but I think the strength of the inbreeding scheme would make the cross worth further consideration.

While considering Hasili's potential mating, I ran TrueNicks reports on several stallions, and came up with everything from As and Bs to Ds and worse.  I thought it might be fun to hear what you think would be a neat cross.  Pick your favorite race mare and your favorite stallion -- this is all for fun, so choose Rags to Riches or Zenyatta if you want! -- and see what kind of TrueNicks ratings you produce.  Please share your results (and any other feedback) in the comments section below.

The full roster of stallions with complimentary TrueNicks reports can be found here.

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