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World Wide Class

View Report Keen pedigree observers note that the same patterns often work the world over. This is frequently revealed when running the TrueNicks page on a horse, a report which gives–in addition to a five cross pedigree, Dosage profile, inbreeding, and TrueNicks rating–a list of the five best horses bred on a cross. A case in point is Malibu Stakes (gr. I) victor Johnny Eves. He is a member of the... More...

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Of Math and Men (and Horses), part II

Click here to read part I Things get really tricky for a system when lack of opportunity forces a default to deeper generations for analysis (which happens less frequently with TrueNicks than with hypothetical systems that depend on a much smaller-and problematically incomplete-sample size). It's one thing, for instance, to rate Storm Cat when mated to mares by Mr. Prospector, but quite another to... More...

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Case in Point: Kingmambo and Sadler's Wells

In his first crop, Kingmambo sired El Condor Pasa - a champion in Japan and France - out of a mare by Sadler's Wells. Kingmambo has gone on to sire seven other stakes winners out of Sadler's Wells mares, including classic winners Divine Proportions and Virginia Waters and current European juvenile standouts Henrythenavigator and Thewayyouare. Obviously, a great cross. Right? Not necessarily. One proprietary... More...

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Of Math and Men (and Horses), part I

In my previous post, I described how my first employment in pedigree research came as a result of querying the validity of some sire line crosses published in an English magazine. Since then, I have harbored the ambition to create a better way of reflecting the success-or otherwise-of sire line crosses. It's clear that attempting this with a limited database of stakes winners, as some do, is a flawed... More...

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In the Beginning

by Alan Porter The launch of TrueNicks represents the completion of a full circle regarding my involvement in the Thoroughbred industry. By age 19 I had completed three years of “hands on” experience working at an English stud farm. Around that time, the English magazine Stud & Stable published an article with a grid showing sire line crosses and the percentage of stakes winners each cross had... More...

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