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Spotting a Derby Winner

Courtesy of Becky Johnston The last twenty years should bring these things to mind when you handicap the Kentucky Derby 1) Did the horse run his best race in winning his last prep or did he run good enough... Read More

The Weight - by Evan Hammonds

The icy conditions and sub-freezing temperatures of the last week in Central Kentucky gave us good reasons to catch up on some reading. Awaiting Steve Haskin’s first Derby Dozen, I went to the bookshelf... Read More

Historical Hiatus

Rather than just have them disappear from the blog, I want to let everyone know that I will be concentrating on my Ky. Derby Trail columns and Derby Watch and Derby Spotlight features and am putting the... Read More

Mourning Joe - by Dan Liebman

It was the night before the 1985 Kentucky Derby (gr. I), and I had been invited to dinner at Hasenour’s in downtown Louisville, Ky., by Joe Hirsch. I had been working for Daily Racing Form for a year but... Read More

Joe Hirsch One of a Kind

At about 4:30 in the afternoon, the skies opened up, turning the Monmouth Park surface into a sea of slop. As a reporter covering my first race for a trade weekly, and having gotten to know the horses... Read More

I Am Watching You.

Here is a list of a couple new horses I am watching for the coming new year, thus some are derby projections. At the top of the list is none other than Scooby Dubai . You all know by now how much names... Read More

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