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 Jockeys Season 2

I finally watched the first episode of the new season of Jockeys on Animal Planet, and here is my review of the episode and assessment of this season.

I am hopeful about this season, because I was left feeling very excited at the end of this first episode. It seems the producers finally get who their audience is, how to educate and narrate to the general public and to build the true story-lines around track life.

Episode one focuses on Chantal Sutherland and Corey Nakatani, and introduces the Kentucky Derby. The goal this season is to build up to the Kentucky Derby. I found their story telling brilliant in how they explained claiming races and use "The Hat" to help explain common horseman knowledge.

Jockeys had a hook, with the claiming red tag before the commercial break, and then following the commercial break revealed the sinker. That commercial hook was brilliantly well done. Introducing the turbulent life of Corey Nakatani is definitely worthy of reality TV and will pose as their needed drama for the show.

Last season I was concerned with Jockeys focusing on the Breeders' Cup and didn't understand why they played the BC meet more than the Kentucky Derby. Though they will be at the Derby this year. Actually you may see me on the show this season, at the Kentucky Derby. I was around their cameras a lot while I was shooting video at events they were also shooting video at. Who knows...but another reason for you to watch I guess, just kidding.

Jockeys season 2 should hold better stories, and most importantly for me, a lot more in-depth education on the ins and outs of horse racing and the industry. The general fan will be drawn in. Hopefully they will see what has captured me over the past two and a half years.

To read my colleague Steve Haskin’s opinions about Season 2, check out Take Two – by Steve Haskin. Steve and Lenny may also discuss the season briefly on this weeks And They're Off.


Thoroughbred Retirement.

There are a lot of amazing organizations out there helping the horse. Thoroughbreds definitely have their fair share of retirees and many people have wondered what can we do to help.

If you venture to the New York Times website, their featured video is on central Kentucky's Old Friends Thoroughbred retirement center. The video is worth a watch. Skip Dickstein, a great guy and awesome photographer, is also briefly in the piece, so see if you can spot him.

There is also a correlating story:

"The Derby dreams of Tour of the Cat and his owner, Susan Gannon, ended in the spring of 2001 when he finished a well-beaten second in the Flamingo Stakes at Hialeah Park."

There are hundreds of organizations that do a good job at tracking and helping our equine friends. Facebook holds a gathering place for many of these groups, our Blood-Horse Facebook page is friends or members with some of them. is one of our publications and on their home page we have a free adoption service to help find good homes for horses. 185 horses have found new homes due to this service.

Titles featuring rehabilitated horses...


Horse of Interest:

I have ran across a new name that was very clever and struck me as needing a mention. So N So is by Freud out of So Far So Good, by Distinctive Pro. He finished first in the Lucy Scribner Stakes August 24.

You can read the results and watch the race replay here.


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Karen in Texas

Glad to see your comments on "Jockeys", the Animal Planet series. I believe it serves the racing industry well as a means to garner new fans for the sport!

25 Aug 2009 5:09 PM
Abbie Knowles

A great blog Adam and I will watch all the videos on Wednesday when I have more time!  Jockeys sounds terrific.  Maybe it will hit UK screens one day!  I like both Chantal Sutherland and Corey (Its allgreektome) Nakatani!

Facebook does a great deal of good with its many causes.  All racehorses deserve a good home and a chance of a new career when their racing careers are over if they have the health to enjoy one, and a good home if they have not, but are not in too much pain! I abhor needless suffering!  Particularly for our animal friends who give so much and ask for nothing more than love, respect, good treatment and kindness!

Well done to the Bloodhorse adoption service for rehoming 185 racehorses!

Yes So N So is a good name.  I loved the enigmatic Freud even if he was not nearly as good or consistent as his brother Giants Causeway!  I love the "rogues" they have character and as I have the sense not to bet on horses more than I can afford to lose and usually don't bet at all the fact they are rogues does not matter!  I watch more US than European racing now I have Stateside on ATR and have had very few bets!  Just Friesan Fire in the Classics.  Poor boy - think I jinxed him!  Hope he is soon better and fulfils his potential.  We will both really miss Larry (Hard Spun) Jones though!  He is such a good, honest trainer who genuinely loves his horses and puts them first!  Which is as it should be but sadly is not always.  Greed gets in the way and the horses get exploited which makes me so cross!

HORSES are more important than money and their welfare must come before human greed!

Enough sounding off!  And I am not getting at America; it is no better in Europe.  Dont know enough about the rest of the World although the Australian horses all seem to look terrifically well on TV!

God bless all at the Bloodhorse and the sensible bloggers who are true racing fans!  Which hopefully is the majority!  Not sure about all of Jason Shandler's lot though. Some of them don't half get aeriated and abusive of each other, the horses and him!  Don't like that at all.  We should respect each others opinions.  No one is going to agree all the time; it can be healthy to agree to differ, within reason!

Oops I am sounding off again!

God Bless

Best wishes


25 Aug 2009 6:36 PM

Well, the claiming scene was disingenuous...and spills are bad enough in real life without seeing them replayed ad no watching for me.

So N So ran a great race.

..and of course, Old Friends is always a good story.

26 Aug 2009 7:13 AM

It's true da3hoss, I hate the Jockeys commercials and how they show two spills for every promo they seem to make.

I think it gives a false impression that it happens all the time or is common place. When really it isn't.

26 Aug 2009 8:41 AM

I enjoyed the first season despite it's obvious problems and am really glad that this new season looks to be so much better.  I guess the producers thought that focusing on the danger of the sport for both jockeys and horses would be a draw because that seems to be what is the draw for so many other shows.  But I totally agree with you, da3hoss, enough with the replayed spills.  After all this isn't Wrestlemania or Nascar.  Concentrate on the horses and the human factor behind the horses and that is racing.

26 Aug 2009 8:51 AM
Louie Dula

I had no idea that Corey was such a JERK!!!!!  Why was he allowed to keep riding after he knocked that other jockey off of his horse?  That was so dangerous, what kind of an idiot would do something like that during a race.  I have no respect for him at all now.  Living in Florida I've only seen him ride a few times when he came here to race and I had no idea what a moron he is.  He should be banned from racing for his actions.    

26 Aug 2009 1:20 PM

I only watched the very first night of Jockeys last year. That was enuf for came across as a glorified soap opera with a race track setting. Too much petty stuff and not enough meat and potatoes about horse racing, the horses and the people involved. And I, too, hate watching the disasters over and over...they are to me very upsetting....NOT exhilarating!!

26 Aug 2009 1:27 PM
Abbie Knowles

As I hate watching horses and jockeys fall in our NH racing and less often on the Flat seeing that sort of stuff would cause me not to want to watch if they do major on the disasters in Jockeys.  

Corey Nakatani should not be allowed to get away with knocking another jockey off a horse! I had no idea!  It is more than dangerous!

I have not seen any of jockeys so cannot really comment on it. i just like the idea of a programme about racing!

God Bless

best wishes


26 Aug 2009 5:41 PM
been there

To me "Jockey's" isnt the REAL world of racing. let show the people what its really like!!! Lets goto tracks where the purses are low and everyone struggles for a living. Not glorified California where the purses are large and they run graded races. how about the midwest where purses run cheap and its hard on everyone. Lets get real here!!

26 Aug 2009 5:51 PM
Blinged Out Cabbage

Corey Nakatani is a HUGE jerk! His ultra cocky attitude and lack of respect, and sometimes poor judgement, for his mounts has lost him more than one owner or trainer from riding him on their horses.

I disagree with you about the Kentucky Derby vs. Breeders' Cup coverage debate. The Breeders' Cup races were designed to be a showcase of the best racehorses from around the world and deserves as much, if not more, coverage than the Kentucky Derby which is one 2 minute race for 3 year olds.

As for Animal Planet showing falls of horses and/or riders numerous times in each commercial, that just fits right in with their current programming which is filled with programs about abused, vicious, disgusting, or tragically sad stories with animals attached to them. For this reason I no longer watch Animal Planet except for certain dog or horse performance event programs. It's a good thing "Jockeys" is filmed in CA instead of NY or we might have seen endless footage of Ernie Paragallo's starving and neglected horses. Now THAT'S the kind of programming Animal Planet perfers.

26 Aug 2009 7:31 PM

Thank you for your comments, you all have good points.

I am hoping the common consumer knows that most reality TV is edited/not "true" reality. But also, not a whole lot of the public knows about the back ground of racing, so if I am being honest, I do worry about common audiences perceiving racing only as portrayed on the show.

However, my stance is on the fact that we need to draw new horse racing fans into the sport.

So with this in mind, that is why I expressed the Breeders' Cup issue with the first season. Common race fans don't know what the BC is and I think it would have been better to switch the seasons, have the Kentucky Derby in Season 1 and the Breeders' Cup in season two. For audience draw.

I expect this seasons ratings to be better than last season, largely due to covering the Kentucky Derby.

As I said before, racing needs to ingrain itself into the hearts of the younger generations, if it wants to survive strong.

28 Aug 2009 9:21 AM

I really like the show and have seen all the episodes! I am glad it's out there to hopefully draw more people in to the sport.  I truly agree with the rest of you about the showing of the spills repeatedly - at the opening and after commercials or whenever....  We all know they happen and it is terrible - but that is one major thing that has been publicly stated that is turning people away from racing.  It is presented as sensationalism and while that kind of thing seems to draw some people in during certain things (like wrecks in car racing and fights in hockey for example), it seems like when animals are involved it has the opposite effect.  It may need to be portrayed in some way - but maybe not as the opening and closing etc to every show. Just my opinion!  Overall though, I say great job!  FYI to those who agree-maybe you want to post your thoughts on Alex Waldrop's blog this week too since he has been actually involved in the show.  Maybe he can make the suggestion to the producers to reduce or eliminate the frequent showing of the accidents so as to not alienate the people they are trying to draw in.....

29 Aug 2009 9:32 PM

Being a horse fan who watches probably about ten hours of horse racing per week, I am split about how I feel on the show Jockeys. First off the bad. No you don't show the spills of horses and jockeys. TVG and HRTV respectively don't show the spills. Corey Nakatani is a jerk for trying to knock a jockey off his horse. Horse racing is reeling from two losses of jockeys in spills, (Rene Douglas and Michael Straight). Also Corey trying to get the mount on I Want Revenge after Joe Talamo won with this horse. Dream on Corey, Joe Talamo, Joel Rosario, Rafael Bejarano, Garrett Gomez and even Victor Espinoza are better than Nakatani. Is it great to have a show on Horse Racing on T.V. Yes.

For a real quality horse racing show try Inside Information on HRTV narrated by Jon White. That is a great show!

01 Sep 2009 11:46 AM
Donny Beisbol

I'm not sure what they showed on the TV program, but I know that Nakatani once knocked a jockey off his horse (after the wire) in response to a racial epithet.

I neither condemn nor condone his actions (ok, I condemn them, because I would have waited until unsaddling to pummel the moron, of course).  I do believe he was severely punished by the stewards at that time.

01 Sep 2009 6:07 PM

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