A Giant Kitten?

There were several nice moves in the big Kentucky Derby prep races this past weekend. The Lane's End was pretty decisive, but the Louisiana Derby had a pack at the end of the final turn. Were there any moves that stood out in your mind? Also, did any of you watch the races on the USA network, if so how was the brief coverage?

 Lane's End Stakes (gr. 2) Review

For those of you who read my "Hot EP" blog post on Friday, there was plenty to be excited about. The top three finishers in the Lane's End Stakes (gr. 2) were horses I suggested to watch. Dean's Kitten - Northern Giant - Connemara. I really liked Northern Giant's and Connemara's moves (both  by Giant's Causeway). This race definitely answered which Giant Causeway to support on the Derby trail though. The great North.

Unfortunately Doubles Partner did not hit the board. He tried to make a nice move on the inside but could not finish. Time is not on the side for Rock Hard Ten to have a horse in the Kentucky Derby this year. Maybe we will have an Oaks contender though?

Louisiana Derby (gr. 2) Review

Well, I thought Drosselmeyer would do a little better than he did in the Louisiana Derby. Poor Ron and Hotep just didn't get it done eh? I don't think Hotep was really a threat and will be interested in learning why. Our Ron the Greek fans must be torn to pieces with another 6th finish. Ron may be comfortably sitting on the bubble.  Mission Impazible's run was solid to say least, I enjoyed watching it. Read about his win here.

You should read Shandler's thoughts on the Elite 8 that Pletcher may send to the Derby.

[brightcove videoid="74467237001"]

Kensei finished 2nd beaten by 3/4 lengths, on March 27, 2010, at FAIR GROUNDS in Race 6. Off odds: 2.00

Arson Squad
Date: March 27, 2010
Distance: Six Furlongs
Time: 1.14:50 Breezing
Track Condition: Muddy
Surface: Dirt
Rank: 1/1

Date: March 22, 2010
Distance: Five Furlongs
Time: 1.02:40 Breezing
Track Condition: Fast
Surface: Dirt
Rank: 12/21

Dark Vader
Date: March 20, 2010
Distance: Three Furlongs
Time: 36:20 Handily


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As a Ron the Greek fan, I was sorely disappointed in my boy, "If I told you once, I told you 1,000 times, wearing a #6 does not mean you're supposed to come in 6th, Ron!"  Holding out for Mendip.  Mission Impazible actually impressed me in the SW so I was happy for him, but don't see him as a top Derby contender.  I'm looking forward to Backtalk's Illinois Derby start.

29 Mar 2010 8:04 PM

I watched the coverage on USA.  They lost the sound feed for the Lane's End so Gary Stevens and Tom Hammond from NBC had to call the race.  It was funny in a "can't believe how bad this is" sort of way.  

Hammond is so laid back that he'd pause for what seemed like ages between his calls.  He got the horses confused a couple times, including in the stretch.  Steven's was focused on telling us what certain jockey's were doing.  Informative if you want to learn about riding, but not very helpful in figuring out who was where.

You really should watch it.  Unintentional comedy at it's finest, and it really made me realize just how hard it is to call a horse race.  

01 Apr 2010 12:42 AM

Thanks so much for the insight Colleen! I will have to definitely try and find that coverage now.

01 Apr 2010 8:57 AM

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