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By Adam Spradling, Web Producer, Digital Designer and Blogger at The Blood-Horse.

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The news, features, video, images and blogs do not stop at the article level for us on Our staff allows for further immersion and farther reach into our industry.

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Follow and learn more everyday with our staff beyond the borders.
Listed in alphabetical order.

Adam Spradling: Adam offers a fan vs insider view on the industry.
Blog: Adam's Turf
Twitter: BH_AdamsTurf

Anne Eberhardt: Anne is our photographer and is amazing! She has recently started sharing her passion in exclusive photos in a unique photo blog format.
Blog: Through the Lens

Blood-Horse Staff:
- Final Turn
- Industry Voices
- Inside
- Maiden Watch
- Market Watch
- TrueNicks
- What's Going on Here
@BloodHorse - News from The Blood-Horse
@BH_RaceResults - Race Results from The Blood-Horse
@BH_MaidenWatch - Follow a select few first year Sires and their offspring. In depth and exciting.
@TrueNicks - TrueNicks is a nicking product that provides very valuable pedigree information.

Dede Biles: Dede covers many auctions around the world and has a deep well of knowledge to pull from.
Blog: Hammer Time

Esther Marr: Esther is a staff writer who loves the athletes in the horse industry and wants to give you behind the scenes access.
Blog: Beyond the Blinkers
Twitter: @EstherMarr

Eric Mitchell: Eric provides excellent industry insight and commentary.
Twitter: @EJMitchellKy

Jason Shandler: Jason is a staff writer who knows the game. He can handicap or provide valuable insight into this fun industry.
- Breeders' Cup Chat
- Triple Crown Talk
Twitter: @JasonShandler

Scot Gillies: Scot is a staff member who is fascinated by pedigrees. Listen to what he has to say when you want your next champion.
Blog: The Five-Cross Files

Stephanie Church: Equine health and welfare will never be the same with her team's coverage.
Twitter: @StephLChurch

Steve Haskin: Steve's knowledge on Thoroughbred racing is as close to as unlimited as you can get.
Blog: Hangin' with Haskin and Steve Haskin's Derby Dozen

Tom Hall: Tom is a staff member who has a data bank of history which he uses to explain our industry. He often follows horse sales from across the globe in his tweets.
Twitter: @lordatwar

Tom Lamarra: Tom enjoys discussion about the state of the industry and those making decisions in it.
Blog: At Large
Twitter: @JerseyTom

We also include thoughts from people around the industry, outside of The Blood-Horse.
- Alex Waldrop Straight Up
- The Racing Hub
- Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance
- Tracking Barbaro's Brothers
- Vic Zast Saratoga Diary

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