Top 6 Sires-of-Sires at Keeneland September


From Action This Day and Afleet Alex to Yonaguska and Zavata, a total of 288 stallions are represented by at least one yearling at the upcoming Keeneland September sale.

With 5,189 foals offered, each stallion is represented by an average of 18 colts and fillies. Some especially well-represented stallions -- 29 studs each have 50 or more offered -- force the median down to 9.5 hips per stallion.  The mode (the most frequently occuring number) for foals offered is one; in all, 52 stallions have a single foal being auctioned.


I thought it would be fun to look at the Keeneland September offerings from a different perspective:  immediate sire lines. In other words, the paternal grandsires of the offered yearlings. What I found was a total of 119 sires-of-sires represented in the sale, of which 68 are represented by a single sire son.

Here are the TOP SIX STALLIONS by number of sons with yearlings offered:

   1. Storm Cat:  26 sons with at least one foal each, and 616 foals total as a sire-of-sires

   2. A.P. Indy: 17 sire sons; 345 foals

   3. Tie  
:  13 sons; 142 foals
         Mr. Prospector: 13 sons; 228 foals

   5. Gone West: 9 sons; 283 foals

   6. Unbridled's Song: 8 sons; 232 foals


And finally, a breakdown by sire line. Here's what I came up with:

Sire Line No. Sires-of-Sires No. Sires No. Hips
Buckpasser 2 3 29
Damascus 2 2 6
(see Domino, Plaudit)
3 5 125
Icecapade 2 4 22
In Reality 9 11 167
Mr. Prospector 33 92 1,753
(non-Seattle Slew)
17 22 326
Northern Dancer 34 103 1,801
Raise a Native
(non-Mr. P.)
2 3


Ribot 2 3 41
Seattle Slew 5 28 640
Turn-to 8 12 212

Now, we could, I suppose, break this down further to "founding sires" and the skew would be huge:  0 foals from the Byerly line through Herod; 167 for the Godolphin line through Matchem; and 5,022 yearlings from the Darley line through Eclipse.

We previously discussed sire lines:  Do Thoroughbred Sire Lines Carry More Weight Than Other Pedigree Influences?

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