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What is it about a Closer?

Courtesy of Becky Johnston There is something about a deep closer in horse racing that elicits the inner underdog in humans. We can relate. Who hasn’t had their back up against the wall in some task in... Read More

A Greatness of Her Own

It is midnight on Sunday. Tomorrow morning, I'm off to Saratoga. I had no blog planned for this week, even if Zenyatta won the Clement Hirsch, due to time restrictions and last-minute packing. But Zenyatta... Read More

What superhero pajamas do you wear?

Courtesy of Becky Johnston If Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas, I doubt Zenyatta honors her counterpart with a “Rachel is my Hero” negligee. In fact, I doubt she’s ever heard of her. With no match up anywhere... Read More

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