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2008...or maybe 1999 ?

There has been some negative discussion about the 2008 Eclipse Award for photography. Most, if not all, the gripes about the photo come from people that are disappointed with the winning selection. I have... Read More

Out With the Old

So ends arguably the most tumultuous, controversial year in the annals of Thoroughbred racing. The sport no doubt is on the brink – of what we don’t quite know yet. But when PETA protests, congressional... Read More

Top 10 Performances of 2008

Although the Eclipse Awards are six weeks away and the best horses in each division will be decided then, I thought it would be a fun to do some voting of our own. Since I still haven't decided on some... Read More

Aly Again

When he stepped off that trailer, the sky filled with electricity and I was shocked. I had read all the stories, watched all the videos of him and some of his progeny, and heard the numerous stories of... Read More

Debunking the Myths

The Europeans whipped our butts in the Breeders’ Cup and are superior to American horses: Winning 5 of 14 races does not constitute a butt-whipping. Granted, winning five of the 10 races in which they... Read More

My New Friend Big Brown

For anyone that has read this blog or Triple Crown Talk, there is no secret that I have never been the leader of the Big Brown bandwagon. I've always appreciated his excellence during the Kentucky Derby... Read More

Horse of the Year Follies

So, will it be Curlin or Zenyatta for Horse of the Year? That is the question everyone – fans, writers, horsemen – either seem to be asking or are adamant about one way or the other. Obviously, a case... Read More

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