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Opportunity is a knock'n'...AND LOUD

It is like the ingredients are mixed right to cook a sweet Red Velvet cake (my favorite), but we need the chef to bake it correctly or a bitter taste could replace a delicious opportunity. If the Thoroughbred... Read More

Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow

So it has been a while since I actually wrote words down as a blog. How is everyone? History is the key word for the past month. The time frame has held a lot of graded stakes, some amazing performances... Read More

John King visits KY (VIDEO)

John King, with CNN's State of the Union, recently visited Crestwood Farm and Hazard Kentucky. This is his brief with his staff on how Kentucky is doing. Word is getting out about our industry. Embedded... Read More


A co-worker and I were talking about a horse named Sheltowee recently. Sheltowee is a 2-year-old colt in training who is being followed via our Maiden Watch Blog. There is a trail that stems through several... Read More

Moments from Magdalana

On Thursday, July 10, a friend and I visited the wonderful training facility of Kenny McPeek. Caption: Magdalana - Photo: Joey Mai The horses of McPeek were rather calm and complacent upon visiting them... Read More

Rock and Roll

The Rock: Steve Haskin beat me to talking about the Royal Ascot meet in England, but let me say this: You all are probably sick of me praising turf racing, but after watching this eventful treat, I have... Read More

Labeling A Winner; All In A Name

Recently I glanced at a horse classified section. There was an ad promoting a company that exists to help name horses. I thought to myself, "man, I really enjoy brainstorming and coming up with clever... Read More

A Cool Day at Ashford Stud

On a rather cold day this winter, Ashford opened its broad black iron gates for people to come in and visit their stallions first hand. The gates were a tad slow, but it built anticipation as we drove... Read More

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