The Evolution of 'Unlocking Winners'

We are introducing new content to the "Unlocking Winners" blog from handicappers with TimeformUS, a new digital past performance service that launched July 17. TimeformUS will be offering insight to select weekend stakes and provide updates on the blog as track conditions and/or horses entered change, so check in regularly throughout the weekend for updates. And as always, please add your comments and insights...remember to keep it civil. 

Over the next several months, will be reaching out to other handicappers to contribute to this blog. We want to make it a robust forum for sharing handicapping ideas and a resource for accessing the best handicapping tools and information.

Eric Mitchell
Editorial Director



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Mary Zinke

Trying to keep it civil, I think it's bs bad manners that the departure of the former blog "host" was handled the non-way it was. I found out through a third party that the host would not be returning. Sorry, not cool. A simple "bye" would have sufficed. But, moving on, great that there is a handicapping blog. I'm just here to about every 6 weeks have some long shot winner, but in between, I love reading and learning from the real handicappers.

02 Aug 2013 12:49 AM


Many will be evaluating how this new concept evolves.

The sharing of handicapping ideas and a resource is always helpful. However, I find that there is not much variation in handicapping methodology.

Many handicappers are wed to Beyers and the combination of variables that comprise same.

I totally disregard Beyers as I do not find them useful. There are too many pre race occurrences and variables that influence horses performances that Beyers do not capture.

02 Aug 2013 9:55 AM


Sorry for the bad transition. We had contracted with Pete to start the 'Unlocking Winners' blog and he did a great job. But when the contract ended, he was getting busier with another venture and we decided to try some other things. Those new ideas just recently gelled so we did not have many details to share earlier.

I believe the addition of TimeformUS and some other bloggers down the road will enhance the blog and give us all plenty to discuss and debate.

Thanks for reading.

02 Aug 2013 12:11 PM

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