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Gifts That Will Keep On Giving

As the year winds down, a few closing thoughts on gifts given this year that will continue to bring a smile to my face as long as I live. Feel free to share favorite memories, but please leave your HOY... Read More

Wine at the Trading Card table

Growing up a Cincinnati Reds baseball fan, I always wanted to play shortstop like Barry Larkin. So I naturally sought after his baseball cards. Including Barry's hologram card, his rookie card and every... Read More

Horse Racing Does Skate Boarding

Rob Dyrdek has competed in the X Games , set Guinness Book of World Records, and is an amazing skater period. He was born in Kettering, Ohio and used to travel down to my hometown of Lexington, KY to skate... Read More

Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow

So it has been a while since I actually wrote words down as a blog. How is everyone? History is the key word for the past month. The time frame has held a lot of graded stakes, some amazing performances... Read More


A sunny day, low 80s, a stern breeze and landscape that rivals serenity. This is the day we were provided with to shoot a video piece to accompany our magazine feature on Dixiana farms. The talent, an... Read More

Keeneland Sales Coverage

After covering the Keeneland Septemeber Sale yesterday, I was amazed to discover there were ZERO seven digit horses sold. Compared to at least five on the first day of last years September Sale. The breeders... Read More

Club of Ice

Jockeys 2.3 Here is a quick review of the show and I would like to hear feedback of what you thought of the newest episode. How about the Dubai World Cup? The entire story surrounding Aaron Gryder and... Read More

Freud Retires 2 Jockeys

Jockeys Season 2 I finally watched the first episode of the new season of Jockeys on Animal Planet, and here is my review of the episode and assessment of this season. I am hopeful about this season, because... Read More

A Jockey Riding Shotgun? (Video)

A few things... Jockeys season 2 begins tonight on Animal Planet! This video was brought to my attention via TheBrockTalk, who is a recent addition to the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance and a fellow racing... Read More

The Bald Caper In Plaid

Karen Johnson's take in the recap of Day 2 - this is the first mention of the mysterious bidder of hip #151 that I saw. She called him an "interloper" 9:11 am Read More

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