The Blood-Horse Regionals

Stories about North American farm owners, racehorse owners, and breeders from the pages of The Blood-Horse magazine.

2/25/2012 Northeast/Mid-Atlantic: The Keane Team

  • February 22, 2012
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Dr. Winslow Stevens and Phillipe Lasseur make Keane Stud attractive to clients by Esther Marr When Jim Edwards retired in the 1980s and sold Keane Stud, his thriving Thoroughbred nursery near Amenia, N...

02/18/2012 Southwest: Heartland of America

  • February 14, 2012
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Bigheart Thoroughbreds steps up in Oklahoma by Lenny Shulman So, what is the logical career path for a longtime obstetrics/gynecology practitioner and nurse midwife looking to change professions? If you...

02/11/2012 West Coast: Life's a Beach

  • February 07, 2012
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Noosa Beach shines for Doris and Jeff Harwood by Jack Shinar Doris and Jeff Harwood know that improbable dreams really can happen, that little guys can beat billionaires, and miracles come on four hooves...

02/11/2012 Southeast: Junior Class

  • February 07, 2012
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Longtime trainer Junior Serna keeps sending out winners by Bill Giauque Now in his sixth decade as a horseman, Junior Serna of Ocala, Fla., and Lambholm South could best be described as a “stayer.” A stayer...

02/04/12 Northeast/MidAtlantic: Branching Out

  • February 04, 2012
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By Jason Shandler Vinery jumps into New York breeding, stallion businesses Tom Ludt does not consider himself a visionary, but he does understand the horse racing industry very well, and that is why in...

02/04/12 Midwest/Canada: Catching a Break

  • February 04, 2012
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By Lenny Shulman Janice and Scott Jordan's Breakaway Farm Grows With Indiana While New York is getting plenty of attention as a destination for breeders looking to take advantage of casino-enhanced...

01/21/12 Southeast: Blockbuster

  • January 19, 2012
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By Bill Giauque Ocala Stud roars back among top breeders. Ocala Stud is the setting for the longest-running Thoroughbred epic in Florida, which features tragedy and triumph, struggle and success. The story...

01/21/12 Southwest: Open Company

  • January 19, 2012
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By Gary McMillen Coteau Grove Farm set to compete with the best. Keith Myers is tired of talk that comes to nothing. Myers is one of those rare individuals who insists on getting ahead of the curve and...

01/14/12 West Coast: Bounce-Back Year

  • January 10, 2012
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Vessels Stallion Farm enjoys resurgence after tragic 2010 Kash Vessels held his 25-day-old daughter while sitting in the office of Vessels Stallion Farm shortly before Christmas. “Her name is Kendall Grace...

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