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Derby May Care

Your task is simple. I want your Overall pick for the WINNER of the Kentucky Derby 136 and tell me why. Then I want who will be second and third. Finally, who is your sentimental pick for the race, unless... Read More

Monday Morning BC Update

Watching the beautiful sunrise over the mountains track side here at Santa Anita for the first time was just amazing. We had a few good shots of horse and rider riding in silhouette against the sun rise... Read More

Lex to Tex to LAX

Breeders' Cup I am off to Breeders' Cup Saturday morning at 6am. My plan is to try and give you all a few blogs from the track, sights and sounds, updates, and interesting observations. This will be my... Read More

Chocolate Candy and Kona Gold VIDEO

Kona Gold [brightcove videoid="14463958001"] Chocolate Candy This is a video of Chocolate Candy receiving a bath Monday or Tuesday of Kentucky Derby week. We did not use this video for anything and since... Read More


The beautiful horses we love so much have definitely helped us out this year. With a deep void in our pockets due to the economy, these athletes have lifted our spirits. As horse racing did back in the... Read More

The Terrain is Steep

My goal this year was to choose 2-year-old horses early in their racing career, who would continue on to the Kentucky Derby . I wanted to use a few different tools, and test personal knowledge and wisdom... Read More

Keeneland Opens So Lets Handicap

My horses had a big weekend, including several old friends. How did your's do? Winning feels good..., but I need to learn to take my own advice. Opening day of Keeneland was a little cool and overcast... Read More

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