Gold Mining

The mega-nick of A.P. Indy over Mr Prospector mares continues to shine with the Ashland Stakes (gr. I) winner Little Belle the most recent example. Once again, it proves that where you found gold once, if it is a rich vein you will find it again.

With the same mating pattern found in last weekend's graded stakes winner Adriano, we find that this cross scores an A TrueNicks rating, with a variant score of 2.88 indicating that it is performing 188% better than opportunity would dictate. This is a very significant figure, and despite some recent attempts by industry observers to discount it with an explanation that both sire and broodmare sire are highly-ranked on the leading sires lists, actually shows that despite over 100 foals being bred on the nick (109 according to TJCIS data), A.P. Indy finds few better matings than with Mr. Prospector-line mares, and Mr. Prospector mares find few better mates than A.P. Indy.

In fairness, when one considers how good a sire A.P. Indy is and how good a broodmare sire Mr. Prospector is, the strength of the nick is underlined by the fact that it outperforms the achievements of these exceptional influences when crossed with all other sires and broodmare sires.

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