Joining the Stable: TrueNicks Blog Now on BloodHorse.com

The blog that forms part of the TrueNicks pedigree rating service is the latest addition to The Blood-Horse's highly successful Blog Stable.

Written by respected pedigree authority Alan Porter as well as industry participant Byron Rogers and the team at TrueNicks, this blog covers matters relating to the pedigrees of our future racetrack stars -- in particular, the affinity of one sire line when bred to another, or nicking as it is commonly referred to.

So what does this all mean?

For Readers on TrueNicks.com : Postings made on the site will reach a much wider audience of industry participants than it did previously, and we look forward to creating a community of active participants to discuss all things pedigree. BloodHorse.com enjoys a daily readership of some 20,000 unique visitors, and interesting postings within the blog stable have already racked up as many page impressions (that is right... one post... 20,000 page views). Moving the site to Blood-Horse's Community Server has some further benefits. It will allow you, our readers, to comment on our post topics. While comments will be moderated -- mainly to stop spam! -- we look forward to hearing your thoughts on pedigrees, bloodlines, and the science of successful breeding.

For Stallion Owners: The addition of the blog to the BloodHorse.com Blog Stable offers enhanced value to your subscription service. Stallions that are subscribed to the service and appear in blog posts or news updates have their names linked through to the Stallion Register Online ("SRO") and to their farm's TrueNicks landing page.  Readers (and potential breeders) have quicker access to look at the statistics and performance of your stallion -- and you have increased opportunity to use the TrueNicks service to give your clients the best possible chance to breed a champion.

And what else is in store? We are delighted with the start that we have made with TrueNicks. We believed that the market would warm to a product that considered real opportunity and it seems that is the case. Further down the track we are looking at launching a pedigree newsletter which will include the best from this site and other pedigree information sources found on BloodHorse.com, as well as introducing enhanced TrueNicks broodmare and stallion products.

We are building these products around you -- our readers and customers -- so if you have any feedback or ideas please don't hesitate to contact us.

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