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Owning the Franchise -- Darley Signs on Street Boss

While it is a little off topic, I thought it worthwhile to make comment on Darley America's recent announcement of the recruitment of Street Boss to their stallion ranks. An obscenely good looking horse with racetrack talent to match, Street Boss follows another son of Street Cry (IRE) (TrueNicks, SRO) in Street Sense (TrueNicks, SRO) -- I can't wait for the Darley advert --  to retire to the Kentucky arm of the international conglomerate.

Darley has, by design or other, taken an active management in Street Cry and his sons, and this move has long-term implications for "the franchise." Why is this so important? Astute stallion managers recognize that controlling the destiny of the first and better sons of a stallion that they stand at stud ends up helping them in the long run with both the sire and his sons.

It is like a rising tide. Firstly, the presence of two active sons at stud at Darley immediately underpins Street Cry. The industry understandably assumes, "Well, if Darley believes he is a prepotent sire, then he is a prepotent sire." Standing the best sons alongside their sire helps the stallion immediately. Furthermore, when breeders are breeding to and yearling buyers are buying a Street Sense or Street Boss, they are not only buying the belief that they may get a yearling that can run as well as either of these two horses, but they are also hoping to catch "lightning in a bottle." They know that either of these horses could be the next big sire -- or at least as good as Street Cry -- and the yearling that they have will have increased commercial value by sire line association.

Equally, if Darley is able to manage these stallions well and Street Sense and Street Boss are successful at stud, the moniker of a proven "sire of sires" gets placed on Street Cry's shoulders, underpinning his long-term value as a stallion. Stallion managers who have a prepotent young sire but who leave the management of the first important sons of these stallions to retire to stud to others do miss out on the opportunity to control the destiny of "the franchise."

Darley has taken no such chances.



Hi, being a Street Sense fan I wanted to read your article. I'm not the smartest person when it comes to sire lines or terminology but can you tell me what you meant by "underpinning"? Thanks for any help.

Byron's Reply: What I was referring to here was that as a stallion becomes a "sire of sires" it has an effect on his service fee. Part of the reason people breed to AP Indy is that he has proven himself as a sire of sires, thus his service fee is underpinned by the success of his sons at stud.

Frank J. 05 Sep 2008 2:01 PM

Thats exactly what Coolmore has done for years. "If you can't afford Daddy here is his heir apparent - get in before he's too expensive"

Arrowfield are doing the same thing and what a great start with Not A Single Doubt.

One starter, one brilliant winner the first time of asking.

Darryl Burrow 07 Sep 2008 3:49 AM

Personally I think it's a good idea.   I mean who wouldn't kill to be in their position right now.  

But, ultimately only time will tell.   It still just comes down to whether or not they turn out to be a good sire or not.  

Even with all of the information and resources that we have today, success in horse racing is still kind of a crap shoot.   I mean...How many times have we seen a classically bred sire turn out to be a dud as a stud ???

Chris 07 Sep 2008 4:47 PM

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