The Search For Value -- Stud Fees 2009

The saying about clouds and silver linings might be a difficult one to accept in the face of the current economic climate, but one result for those in the Thoroughbred industry is that numerous stallions are available at prices that would have been unimaginable as recently as six months ago. Yearlings conceived in 2009 aren't going to reach the yearling sales until the second half of 2011, when there is a very good chance that the economy will be in better shape than it is today. So, for breeders who can hang in until then, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

At the end of 2008, I completed a study into stallions standing for $40,000 fees and lower that look to be great values for 2009.  That research was presented in an article called Searching for Value in the Stallion Ranks on the Pedigree Consultants blog.  Because the article has proved to be well-read and because it includes many TrueNicks-subscribed stallions, it seems worthwhile to link to it here.

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