TrueNicks by the Numbers

Plato, who along with Socrates and Aristotle helped lay the foundations of Western philosophy, once said "A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers." Here at TrueNicks we could not think of a more apt saying that encapsualtes our common theme of intelligent interpretation of the TrueNicks report.

The rating generated is one thing, but the class of the ancestors, the quality of the best horses bred on the nick, and most importantly the physical attributes of the sire and dam or the yearling in front of you should be considered with weight before making a decision.

However, in this post we do have cause to celebrate the numbers, if for a different reason.

We have just recieved data, verified by The Jockey Club Information Systems, on the usage of TrueNicks. It seems that TrueNicks has really struck a chord with Thoroughbred breeders, yearling buyers and owners throughout the world. Data collected from the first two months of 2009 reveal that some 146,738 ratings have been run!

Stud farms that have made their stallions available for complimentary reports have been pleased by another stat, as well:  there is a 50/50 split between the ratings run from www.TrueNicks.com and those run from the Stallion Register site -- indicating the value of the world's largest Thoroughbred stallion directory in attracting the attention of broodmare owners.

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